6 Top Cool Video Production Gadgets

Updated October 6, 2023

Video Production

In the past few years, videos have become big. Thanks to the numerous gadgets, shooting a video is now easier than cooking pasta. Whether you are an amateur filmmaker or an experienced video producer, you have to know the latest gadget trends.

We asked the experts from Dubai video production company Astudio to share a list of top cool video production gadgets. At least one of them is bound to make your video-making process more exciting.

1.    Tandem USB Connector

When you have numerous USB gadgets, your laptop quickly runs out of the slots to plug them in. A tandem connector can solve the problem by allowing you to plug one device into another. While a USB hub can serve the same purpose, the tandem USB connector is downright cooler.

2.    Olloclip Lens

Your smartphone camera isn’t cutting it? Consider purchasing an additional mobile lens. Olloclip is one of the most popular mobile lenses in the world. It works with both front and rear cameras. The high-quality gadget attaches instantly, turning your smartphone into a grand video shooting device. The 15x magnification option allows you to use the device as a microscope!

3.    Backup Plus

Do you need to keep all your videos safe and sound? Invest in a solid backup. Backup Plus by Seagate is one of the most reliable USB powered gadgets on the market. The disc works with PCs and Macs without the need to reformat.

You can choose from a variety of options from 500 MB to 4TB. It should be more than enough to record all of videos and more.

4.    DJI Mavic Pro

Drones are becoming an integral part of any major video production. If you haven’t gotten one of them yet, take a look at DJI Mavic Pro. It comes with extra batteries and propellers. It’s so small when folded that the size doesn’t exceed the bottle of water. The transmission range is about 4.3 miles. The highest speed is 40 mph. You can use your iPhone to operate the device.

5.    Nasty Clamps

Nasty Clamps may not be too aesthetically pleasing but it is highly useful. Even though it looks like a regular spring clamp on a stick, the gadget is much more than a clamp. You can attach one to your camera and screw it in like a tripod to get highly stabilized shots. Experienced filmmakers can appreciate this gadget as much as newbies do. It’s portable and doesn’t come with a big price tag.

You can attach the clamps to your Flip cam and make amazing videos without using your hands.

6.   eSATA Drive Dock

This cool gadget looks like a camera but serves a much greater purpose. It’s a compact external hard drive docking station with numerous features. You don’t need any driver installation or other bothersome actions to start working with it. The dock allows you to keep the drives organized. It’s a wonderful option for video producers who have numerous clients and projects.

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