6 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Gaming Console

Updated October 6, 2023

Gaming Consoles are thriving throughout the world. New platform are rolled in and almost every month a console is launched. Moreover, some big players keep on rolling in newer versions of their product to stay abreast with the market. Game developers grab these opportunities and launch games for several platforms. Amidst these tussle, the common gamer finds difficult in choosing the right console. If you want to compare the popular gaming consoles then you can check Wii, Play Station 3 and Xbox 360 comparison post.

Here are some factors to be considered when choosing a gaming console:


Mobility is a vital factor while choosing the gaming console. You might be a person who wishes to play on the go or the other kind who stays put at home. Many of my friends prefer handheld consoles, as they are busy with their hectic schedule. These consoles allow them to jump into gaming whenever time permits. I, on the other hand, am a ‘stay at home guy’. Hence, I avoid handheld consoles at all costs. Look at yourself and ask which one you are; on the go gamer or the one who stays at home.

Choosing the Platform:

The main platforms at present are PlayStation, Wii and the Xbox. Choosing, between any one of them is very tricky as each as its own importance. However, before you choose any platform look at the upgrades. By upgrade of consoles, I mean real upgrade. Recently PlayStation upgraded its Slim version with another SuperSlim. The only special feature of this upgrade was that the PS3 seemed lighter than before. Just making lighter consoles isn’t a real upgrade. It is a way of marketing and staying put in the market. Therefore, choose wisely.

Availability of Games:

Not all Platforms are compatible with all games. Some game developers are very picky and they develop only for a certain platform. For instance, your favorite game might be available only on PlayStation 3. Therefore, you will have to choose the console for the sake of your favorite game. I just showed an example with a game. You will have to list your favorite games and decide which platform is most compatible.

Hardcore or Softcore Gaming:

Depending upon your personality you might be a softcore or hardcore gamer. PlayStation and Xbox are perfect platforms for hardcore gaming. Wii, is best for softcore gaming. Wii is well renowned for its arcade type gaming though it supports few hardcore games.

Special Features:

Some people love to do multitasking with their console. Probably this is the reason why most consoles are coming up with DVD and Blu Ray. Recently with the new Wii U, one can able to watch TV through their cable. Of course, even PlayStation and Xbox 360 boast of such features. Wii U, however, seems to be more mobile with such features. Therefore, check again your needs and choose the console.

Bundle Values:

On an average, all consoles are sold around $200 and $300. The price mentioned was for the console alone. After a month or two of launching the console, the manufacturer generally pushes the console with value packs in a bundle. Such bundle packs allows a gamer to choose the best bundle with effective pricing. For instance, a bundle might contain your favorite game with console. Purchasing such bundles can be a saving on your budget.

Before deciding on choosing the console make a thorough list of what you want. Then, look for the console, which meets your requirement. Moreover, do not forget to consider the above factors too.

Author Bio:- Richie Richardson is an Internet Marketer and a Fellow Gamer. He provides gaming reviews like Wii U review and other recently launched consoles. He also runs arcade gaming site, which has games like dress up games, cooking games and addicting games.

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