17 Best Roblox Games to Play with Friends – 2024

Updated December 23, 2023

Roblox boasts a wide selection of games for children and is arguably the most popular free multi-player game service for both adults and younger gamers.

Since Roblox enables for the development, construction, and sharing of games throughout its platform, players of all ages enjoy its games.

There is countless action, simulations, fighting, thrilling, racing, shooting, or social games that Roblox have already developed and made available for its users.

You can quickly select a game to enjoy based on your preferences or mood, such as making pizzas in the game itself, competing animes, or enjoying scuba diving or driving cars, or a police vs robbery combat.

Here is a compilation of the Best Roblox Games that you can play with friends, so without wasting any more time let’s look at the options. 

List of Best 17 Roblox Games

Here are some of the best Roblox games options which you can play with your friends and have fun in your leisure time.

1. Combat Warriors

Combat Warriors for Roblox

Combat Warriors is one of the best roblox game for social gaming. Combat Warriors, as the title implies, has both ranged and melee weapons pvp combat.

Combat Warriors, on the other hand, is influenced by the renowned Blood Flow or Criminality. Accessibility for Premium AFK Rewards is available if you purchase the game’s special edition.

The game’s general graphics appear to be more realistic because of bones and blood. You must first grind extensively to earn stronger guns and equipment, but after some time, you will enjoy taking the upper hand in lobbies.

2. Speed Run 4

Outlaster Roblox Game

This approximately ten-year-old quick-fire adventure game is called Speed Run 4. After you pass the line where you finish, your goal is to sprint through all 31 of the challenges as rapidly as you can. The gameplay is made more exciting and daring by the soundtrack.

Your character is enhanced by changing surfaces, and moving quickly via several dimensions is required. You can access new dimensions by moving forward in the game and winning.

3. Outlaster

Speed Run 4

In Roblox, have you ever wished you could enjoy a reality tv show? Outlaster is going to assist you in doing that as well. The setting for Outlast is a stunning tropical island.

In this type of game, you have to battle against other players in a variety of events, and by winning, you receive advantages.

You’ll be shocked to learn that Outlaster’s method of voting is just like that of authentic reality television show. In other words, you have to vote other contestants out, and the competition is won by the last person standing.

4. MeepCity


In terms of social hangout games on Roblox, MeepCity is undoubtedly the best among them. It seems to be influenced by Club Toontown on the internet and Disney’s Penguin.

The Playground is where you spawn as you enter another server. This game has multiple primary objectives. Start by performing different hangout scenarios or simply interacting with others.

Change the colour, style, and furnishings in your home to make it uniquely yours. Additionally, you can purchase and maintain a Meep as a pet or maybe acquire a fishing pole. You require coins, this is the game’s only currency, to accomplish all of this.

Get coins in-game via selling fishes, participating in games, selling crops, and directly purchasing coins purchased with Robux, the Roblox cryptocurrency.

5. Brookhaven RP


Next, we’ll enjoy a Community or City-based Roblox play where the main goal is to act and communicate with various gamers that share our interests.

You may drive amazing cars, tour the city, and possess gorgeous homes while doing this. Even doing jobs in Brookhaven RP will net you extra Robux. The graphics in the Brookhaven RP are excellent despite the fact that it has just been out for a year.

6. Royale High

Royale High

Royale High, as its name indicates, is a high school role-playing and dressing up Roblox game. You can transfer as a player to several locations called realms. The teleport mapping is required to make it happen. It depends on Roblox’s world functionality to support many realms situated in varied settings.

Residences, the planet, Moonlight Square, Apartment’s Lobby, Enchantix High, Fantasia Vacation Resort, park, and New Royale Campus are all the most prevalent realms. Several seasonal realms are accessible for holidays including Halloween, Christmas, or Independence Day.

7. Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits

One of the finest Roblox games you can play is Blox Fruits, in which you strive for becoming the greatest swordsman by practising daily. For survival in the Roblox universe, you must gather various fruits.

Three different fruit groups are available for Blox. Here, defeating bosses down the road while gathering necessary fruits is the main goal.

8. Shinobi Life

Shinobi life 2

The amazing Roblox game called Shinobi Life, formerly known as Shinobi Life 2, is centred on the adventures of Naruto, a hugely well-liked anime series.

Naturally, it features free-roaming gameplay similar to that of Naruto. Explore many realms in this Roblox RPG gameplay where you must locate and acquire various powers.

9. Scuba Diving at Quill Lake

Scuba diving at quill-lake

Another timeless Roblox game worthwhile playing goes by the name Scuba Diving At Quill Lake. This game will undoubtedly impress you if you’re looking to discover intriguing mysteries while exploring a beautiful lake.

You can gather artefacts and accomplish tasks while exploring. The finds made while the exploration could be exchanged for money.

10. Welcome to Bloxburg


Bloxburg is a different intriguing Roblox game and one that is definitely worth playing. Players may create and construct their own incredible home in this well-liked Roblox game, as well as own fantastic cars and socialise with pals.

You may even earn money to fulfil the role play tasks, just like in GTA games, or you might just explore Bloxburg. In general, Bloxburg is a fun way to pass the time and is recommended.

11. Natural Disaster Survival

Natural Disaster Survival

Another well-liked surviving-based Roblox game called Natural Disaster Survival. Just like PUBG, the game’s main objective is to get through catastrophic events while the player is confined to an island.  Users can defend themselves against calamities like earthquakes and floods using a variety of tactics.

12. Vehicle Simulator

Vehicle Simulator

Arguably the most enjoyable Roblox game on mobile devices is Vehicle Simulator. This racing gameplay provides a sizable open-world setting for car examination, driving, as well as racing.

By winning competitions and obtaining rewards, the game advances. Later, newer cars could be purchased with these coins. Your driving abilities and the efficiency of your vehicle are key factors in winning racing matches.

13. Anime Fighting Simulator

Anime fighting stimulator

The Anime Fight Simulation is something you will undoubtedly appreciate if you love to watch anime. You are able to play as the character of your preference in this game and battle formidable bosses from several realms.

The game has numerous training and combat locations and is quite well designed. As you go, new objectives, prizes, or wheel spins become available.

14. World // Zero

World Zero

The very modifiable and entertaining Roblox game called World // Zero will undoubtedly impress anyone if they enjoy playing MMORPGs. World // Zero has fast and flawless gameplay, stunning visuals, and tranquil music.

After establishing a character, you are sent out into the outside world to take on tasks and farm experience points. You can hang out with your pals and even split the riches while exploring various realms.

15. Theme Park Tycoon 2

Theme Park Tycoon 2

The greatest Roblox game ever is Theme Park Tycoon 2. In this innovative Roblox game, players are given a plot of property on which they can construct their own theme park.

More people will visit a theme park that is built well. The theme park may be further developed using the money made from these tourists.

16. Jail Break


Another well-known Roblox game worth trying out is the jailbreak. Players in this Roblox game can choose to play a police officer or criminal. If you decide to commit crimes, your main goal will be to get out of jail. However, the cop’s main duty is to deter the criminal from fleeing from custody.

17. Work at a Pizza Place

Work at a Pizza Place

Work at a Pizza Place is one of the most enjoyable Roblox game of all time. Work at a Pizza Place is an online role-playing gameplay that lets players run a pizzeria.

You have a variety of jobs to choose from, including cashier, pizza cook, delivery boy, pizza boxer, or distributor.


The most wonderful thing that might occur to Roblox is the development of distinctive multiplayer games.

You and the person you play the game with can choose which game mode to play out of all the other options available.

If you’re unsure which game to play you can try all the modes and then choose the one that you like the most. You can also use Roblox Decal IDs and our updated roblox promo codes.

Roblox games are safe to play or not?

Most games on Roblox are intended for kids and families. As a result, whether kids are Eight or twelve years old, all Roblox games are suitable for them.

Does Roblox appeal to adults?

There are numerous action-packed titles on Roblox which even adults enjoy playing, despite being aware that the majority of those games are intended for youngsters and kids.

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