How Much is Playstation Worth at Pawn Shop?

Updated October 6, 2023

Are you thinking of selling your older PlayStation model at a pawn shop? It’s undoubtedly a good idea as you can earn some money from it. But before you visit the store, you must be mindful of certain factors determining your gaming console’s worth to get the best deal.

For that, you have come to the right place as we will discuss how much is PlayStation worth at pawn shop and some comprehensive information related to it. So let’s not waste much time and get started with it.

What is a Pawn Shop?

Before you decide to pawn your PlayStation at any shop, it is important to understand it clearly. So basically, a pawn shop is a store where you can bring your valuable items and receive a loan against them.

The shop owner keeps that thing as the loan’s collateral. And in case you fail to repay the loan, he may sell it to regain the amount. Alternatively, you can even directly sell the things you no longer need. For instance, you may want to get rid of an older PlayStation once you upgrade to its latest model.

Moreover, you can even visit a pawn shop to purchase used models of PlayStation at discounted rates. So it’s a win-win situation.

Why Purchase PlayStation From a Pawn Shop?

A question that might arise in your mind is why you should opt for a pawn shop to buy PlayStation amongst all the other available options, like internet auction sites. Well, pawn shops get a slight edge over online auctions for many reasons.

For example, you can get lower prices for a similar model in the same condition at a pawn shop. Or you can even bargain for it. Moreover, these stores have wider options to select from, and the retailer offers high-quality assurance on the product.

Contrarily, you might get scammed online or not get what you are promised. This can be a huge put-off, especially when your finances are involved.

Prices of Different PlayStation Models at a Pawn Shop

How much is playstation worth at pawn shop

There is no specific pricing list for buying or selling PS gaming consoles at a pawn shop. The offer you get will depend on several factors that we will soon discuss in this article.

But here’s an estimated range that you can follow:

  • PS1 – $18 to $280
  • PS2 – $35 to $120
  • PS3 – $40 to $650
  • PS4 – $180 to $350
  • PS5 – $195 to $371

Factors that Affect the Value of PlayStation at Pawn Shop

Whether you visit a pawn shop to buy or sell a PlayStation, one thing that remains intact is the factors determining its cost. Here are some things that can collectively affect the rate of a PlayStation model in a pawn shop:

1. Edition or Model

The first thing that matters in this scenario is the edition and model of the gaming console you want to buy or sell. For example, the prices of an exclusive PlayStation 4 Pro will be higher than that of a regular PlayStation 4 Slim.

Moreover, the offered storage capacity also plays a significant role. If your desired PS can store up to a terabyte of data, it’s worth would be double of the one that can hold games of up to 500 GB.

Similarly, if the PlayStation belongs to the limited or special promotional edition category, it might be priced slightly higher than others.

2. Components and Add-Ons

If you sell a ready-to-use PlayStation at a pawn shop, you will definitely get higher rates. For this, it must include all the vital components and accessories, just like that in a brand-new console.

Here are some things it must contain to fetch you the maximum amount.

  • Power cord
  • Connection cables for both audio and video purposes
  • Game controller
  • Console stand

Remember that if you want to buy a PS in a similar condition, you will have to pay some extra dollars.

3. Condition

If your Playstation has any visible signs of damage, make up your mind to get lower rates. However, you may get the maximum offer if it’s clean and free of any scratches and marks.

Another factor that matters here is the outer case of your gaming console. If you altered it from its original appearance, it’s worth would be lesser.  Contrarily, you’ll get higher returns if your PS console is in its original factory form.

4. Packaging

Well, the original packaging of a PlayStation is certainly not necessary when selling it at a pawn store.  However, you can still get an edge in the prices if you bring the gaming console in its branded retailer packaging. People are automatically willing to pay more for items in their original box than those in loose packages.

5 Tips for Selling PlayStation at Pawn Shop

Pawn Shops Buying Selling Tips

If you have decided to get rid of your older PlayStation model, a pawn shop is perfect for selling it. However, it won’t be good just to hold up your console and take it directly to the shop. Instead, a few things must be taken care of, especially if you need to get higher rates.

Let’s discuss a few tips and suggestions to help you get the most out of your PlayStation selling experience at a pawn shop:

1. Clear the System

The first thing you need to do is erase all the data on your gaming console. This step is not only essential to ensure the PlayStation is brand new, but it’s equally crucial to remove your personal information.

It’s a simple process; you just need to visit the factory default settings and reset it. All your data will get erased in a few minutes.

2. Cleaning of the Console’s Surface

After internal cleaning of the system, it’s time to enhance the outer appearance of your gaming console. It plays the most vital role in determining the selling price, as most gamers want a clean and marks-free PlayStation for their gaming system.

However, you can skip this step if you have a new model still in its plastic wrap. Contrarily, you can use a small piece of fabric to clear any dust or debris from your console’s surface. You will also know about any dents on the console during the cleaning process that might lower its price.

3. Cleaning of Controller and Cables

The next thing you need to clean is the controllers. Besides removing dust, you must also ensure all the buttons work and move perfectly. You also need to clean the cables, but it’s one of the parts that requires extra attention. Being too harsh can damage the wires, further lowering the price.

You should only clean them by taking a cloth and pinching it around the cable. Now you have to pull the cable through your pinched fingers slowly. Not only does it effectively clean, but it also eliminates the risk of any potential damage.

Remember to avoid using wet clothes or any harsh chemicals in the process.

4. Put in Games and Accessories

For this step, you need to take out some time and see if you have any games that you mainly bought for this model. It’s better to pawn off that, too, as you’ll get a higher price with such add-ons.

Similarly, placing your system in its original box is also a plus point. It’s because finding packaging of older PlayStation is quite rare these days. And many gaming enthusiasts are ready to pay several extra bucks for it.

5. Research

Once you have sorted out the condition, accessories, and other add-ons, it’s time for some research. But how does it help? Knowing your console’s worth can make the entire pawning process smooth. And there is a high chance that you get the deserving amount for your PlayStation.

You can do so with the help of the Internet. Just compare the condition of your system with different descriptions and pictures. Then determine their prices to have a rough idea of your console’s worth.

If you ask for high prices initially, it might damage your negotiation power. So have confidence in your system’s capabilities but demand a realistic rate after going through proper research.

Wrapping Up

Buying a new PlayStation doesn’t mean you throw the previous model. Instead, you can get some money from selling it at pawn shop. We hope after going through our guide on how much is PlayStation worth at pawn shop, you can sell your gaming console at its deserving rates.

Although the offer can vary according to several factors, some research is necessary to ensure getting the best deal. Also, you can even buy a PlayStation model at discounted rates from a pawn store.

So whether you want to get rid of your gaming console or buy a new one without breaking the bank, a pawn shop has your back.


Should I negotiate with the pawnshop owner while selling my PS4?

Yes, negotiating is vital to selling or buying gaming consoles at a pawn shop. If you think their offered rates are unjustifiable, you can always counter them with a return offer. But you must be realistic in the process and do some research beforehand, considering the condition of the PlayStation.

Do pawn shops allow the return of a PlayStation once bought?

It varies according to the store. Some might allow you to return the console in a specific period and get your money back. While others may have strict rules against return offers, and all their sales are regarded as final ones.

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