6 Awesome Travel Gadgets

Updated October 6, 2023

Everyone loves gadgets…. Whether it’s our alarm clock on our digital watches or our smart phones and tablets – we all rely on gadgets to make life that much simpler. And with new gadgets being released what seems like every day – the choice has never been wider for us gadget lovers. Whether we like to admit it or not, we’ll all happily find an excuse to purchase the latest gadget on the market and travel is definitely one of those reasons!

Travel gadgets are a hot commodity and transform that dreaded business trip, or long haul flight into what could almost be considered a leisurely experience. Some gadgets are perfect for winding away long flights; some are handy for when you arrive. Either way, here are six awesome travel gadgets you don’t want to leave the house without!

  1. For only £129 you can have emails, texts and calls, displayed digitally in colour on your wrist with I’M Watch! This unique piece of technology connects to your smart phone wirelessly through Bluetooth, and comes in a variety of different colours. Perfect for a busy business traveller who likes to have his information close to hand.
  2. Making sure you have a phone on you at all times is important to factor in. Whether you’re on a city break in Las Vegas or trekking in Nepal, making sure you’re well connected in case of an emergency is paramount to your safety. If you don’t have the luxury of electricity or a nearby charging station this can turn into quite the mission. This is where PowerTrekk comes in. Say goodbye to the dilemma of dying phone battery with this clever phone-charging device, which is powered by water! Hikers and campers simply need to mix salt water or fresh water with a special PowerPukk.
  3. It’s common knowledge that wherever you go, you need to be cautious about pick-pocketers and thieves! One way to counteract this is by switching your money and cards to a slimmer, space saving wallet like the Storus money slip! This discreet money-storing gadget won’t catch the eye of any thieves and can easily slide into your back pocket unnoticed! Or if you want to keep your iPhone and money in the same compact space, BookBook is an attractively designed option that protects your iPhone between two hardback covers, and comes with space to store your cards! The BookBook is simple, well designed and compact- a great
  4. Get the shots you want without having to worry about anyone else being around to take them with Gorillapod. Easy to use, simple and fun- the Gorillapod is a small tripod for your camera with flexible legs that bend to any angle!
  5. There’s no need to fight over earphones with the Belkin Rockstar Multi Headphone Splitter! Designed to plug into a single mp3 player or DVD player, the star shapes splitter allows up to 5 people to listen to the player at the same time, with individual ear phones for everyone!
  6. Purchasing a great pair of noise cancelling headphones is a really smart idea if you want to sit back and enjoy your flight. Whilst normal headphones will simple play music, these ones will cancel exterior noise too. Dr Dre does great ones, as to Bose. They come at quite a price – but the reviews speak for themselves.
  7. An external hard drive is another gadget you may want to take away with you. If you’re heading away on a long business trip – you may feel better having you external hard drive with you – so you can constantly back up your work in case anything happen to your laptop. The thunderbolt hard drive is a great place to start looking for these.

Author Bio:- Here is my author Bio: Sarah works for G-Technology as a blogger and tech writer. She likes to spread the word on how productive you become by just using the right technology, such as the Thunderbolt hard drive.


  • These all sound like pretty helpful gadgets to me. I don’t travel anywhere, not even to another neighborhood, without a solid set of headphones.

  • Hello Bilal, all these gadgets are very nice. Further, I like the most noise cancellation headphones. So, I wanna ask that is it available in all countries or in some countries only.

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