5 Useful Mobile Apps for Backpackers

Updated October 6, 2023

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Backpacking is fun but at the same time, highly demanding and puts forward challenges that can be hard pressed. It takes you to unknown places, puts you in between people speaking a completely foreign language, make it difficult to understand the culture right away, making cheap international calls and more. An experienced backpacker is however always prepared and in modern times, technology has been a great help. A smart phone today can do a whole lot of things and here are some apps that you want to carry along with the essentials you put in your backpack!

1:- me

Now, this is crucial if you are trying to step into a terrain that is most like to cut you out of mobile network. MAPS.me lets you download the map data for specific regions and use it even when you are offline. You can still use your phone GPS and navigate through narrow lanes and crooked forest trails, be it in the Himalayas or Morocco! You can even mark (star) locations that you want to refer to later. That’s helpful if you are trying to remember something.

MAPS.me comes for both android and iOS phones.

2:- Google Translate

Enough cannot be said how Google Translate can be a life saver, especially if you find yourself in places where people speak a completely different kind of language. Better than seeking out someone who can understand and communicate in your tongue, Google Translate helps keep things low and you can even go on to greet people and order food that you are completely aware of! As with MAPS.me, Google Translate allows you to download language dictionaries for offline use.

Again, you can have it on both your Android and iOS phones.

3:- Viber

You are away from home, but you still need to get in touch with people back home or in your office. Viber makes a fantastic way to communicate by offering cheap international calls over and above video calling. So, not only do you have peace of mind but your friends also know the kind of adventure you are having by being a part of it for some minutes!

Viber is available both for Android and iOS.

4:- Prey

Tragedies always come unexpected and for backpackers it is always advisable to stay prepared. Regardless of which part of the world you are trying to explore, an app like Prey will help you keep track of your devices, in case they get lost or stolen. You can hope to locate and recover the gadget, be it your mobile or your laptop using the device GPS and camera. The app even lets you wipe your device off data completely, keeping your information safe.

Prey is available both on Android and iOS.

5:- VOLO – Your Travel Journal

Keeping a travel journal and updating it at the end of each day o adventure is not just fun but an essential part of travel. These will be the memories that you would want to go back to and VOLO makes it easy. The app allows you create scrapbooks, include pictures along with text entries and even lets you co-author the story with your backpacking buddy!

Download VOLO for both Android and iOS devices!

While there are a lot of other apps that make the day of a backpacker, these are the ones that become the basic essential. If you are planning a trip soon, make sure you have these on your phone.

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    Yes, all Mobile apps are more useful and popular. This app helps to use work on the internet

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