Top 3 Reasons to Buy DVB-C Tuner

Updated October 6, 2023

Are you still stuck watching television through cable and your local service provider? If so then the obvious lack of channels and constant interference must be a huge bother. This is where the dvb-c tuner appears. DVB-c stands for Digital Video Broadcasting Cable tuner. It signifies the mode of signal transmission and also quality delivered to the end user. Cable means that it requires a direct cable connection while digital ensures that you get better quality and a lot more channels than usual. So, why should you even opt for a dvb-c tuner in the first place?

dvb c tuner

Because it offers better quality

Dvb tuners come in three variations, dvb-t stands for terrestrial tuner, dvb-s stands for satellite tuner and finally dvb-c that stands for cable tuner. Today, cable based dvb tuners are common simply because they are cheaper than other tuners and offer much better quality.

Regardless of the type, a dvb tuner will use QAM modulation and transmit Mpeg 4 layer audio and video signals. These tuners are designed specifically to catch these digital signals through a cable and convert them to be suitable for an analogue television set. Because of the use of Mpeg 4 codec, it manages to deliver outstanding quality and many other features. Prime among the extra features are dual audio tracks, SRT or subtitles and an electronic picture guide to keep track of programs.

Mpeg 4 codec is used extensively to send massive video and audio files online simply because of its amazing compression and decompression accuracy. Hence, your dvb-c tuner will not lose any quality even if your service provider is situated miles away from your residence.

Because it provides many channels

Conventional cable transmits analogue signal meaning that audio and video signals are packed together for many channels on a resilient carrier signal. At most, such analogue based transmission can carry just 70 to 90 channels without loss of clarity. With a dvb-c tuner, the same signal will get enhanced and you can receive as far as 200 to 300 channels with perfect clarity.

The ability of dvb-c tuner to catch and decipher digital signals gives it such a high channel capacity. In fact, these tuners can catch television signals over great distances that have experienced heavy signal loss. Conventional cables falter simply because they require boosters to keep signal strength up. A digital tuner allows service providers to pack more at a lower cost.

Because it Costs Less

Compared to a satellite box, Mpeg-4 box and other similar services, a dvb-c tuner will be inexpensive. A dvb-c tuner can take in any cable service and render full digital television on any kind of TV, be it old or new. This makes this a great investment for small homes that cannot afford HD tuners and expensive dish set boxes.

Probably the biggest reason why you should consider a dvb-c tuner instead of costlier services is the fact that it matches the quality of its expensive counterparts. One does not need to pay high monthly rentals since the rental for dvb-c service and simple cable service is usually the same.

Author Bio:- Steffany Kellam is graduated student from economic university. She has long experience in local Danish cable TV (as the Danes say kabel tv). If you want to read about (in Danish om visit the link.

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