5 Useful FireFox Privacy and Security Add-Ons

Updated October 6, 2023

No doubt that firefox is one of the best and popular web browser, and the best thing about Mozilla Firefox is huge list on Add-Ons and Plugins availability. Plenty of Add-ons are available for every type of internet user, that made it easy to surf the web with full authority.

During surfing the web you will be facing lot of problems like System crash, timeout, unexpected system shut down, phishing website/blogs, ad and pop ads etc.. For that firefox has plenty of useful and handy Add-Ons that can help you in secure and smoothly browsing.

firefox security and privacy addons

List of FireFox Privacy and Security Add-Ons

1. Lazarus- Form Recovery

lazarus- form recovery

Some time you will be working in a website or blog to fill a form and suddenly due to system crash you will lose your work. For that firefox has a add-on that will auto save your work and allow you  to complete it later. No need to worry about system crash, connection time out etc. Work freely and Lazarus will take care of all these problems. A similar Add-On is Favorist- Manage and Save Information on the web.

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2. AdBlock Plus

adblock add-on

This plugin gives you full authority to surf the web in your own way. Hide all the Ads (Advertisement) and surf the web without seeing the ads. It also allows you to block java and flash objects plus specific images. A great add-on for those who don’t want to see ads on the web.


3. Better Privacy

better privacy

One of the most enhanced and useful plugin for those who want to surf the web with full security. It will automatically delete Local Shared Objects and other hidden cookies that are never seen, but are hidden in your system. These cookies track all your record and keep it forever. Better Privacy allows you to delete all such cookies without interrupting your browsing and keep them clear all the time.


4. Form History Control

form history

A plugin that allows you to fully control your browser history. Find websites, usernames, typed info, saved forms etc, allow you to delete, edit or clear your browser history, edit misspelled entries, automatic cleaning , never clean up option, improt export history feature and lot of more.


5. Browser Protect

This is one of my favorite Add-on, because it monitors all my web surfing activity. Whenever a software or toolbar automatically installed in my PC, it detect it and restrict it to not change my browser home page. It also restrict all third party softwares to not install any toolbar or change my web setting without my permission. Must install this if you want to use only firefox default settings.

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  • Thanks for sharing .nice listing

  • Pavan Somu | Techvilla.Org

    Browser Protect seems good for those who have children in their home. Good list Chand.

  • Chrome is taking place of Firefox, however still firefox can beat chrome due to its rich features.

  • Vector Graphics

    AdBlock Plus was once one of my favorite but i stopped using mozilla firefox as it became too slow comparing to Google chrome.. Now big fan of Google Chrome 😀

  • Hieu@ I do agree, WOT is one of the popular one. However sharing the same Add-ons that every one is sharing is not going to help any one.
    I though it will be great to share some thing new with my readers.

    • JK@techtrickz

      You are right, but I am sure, many web surfers still ignorant about WOT. As a WOT community member I recommend every internet surfers to use it.
      The add-on Lazarus is new to me and I will try it soon. Thanks!

    • Hieu Martin@Blog Tips

      Ok i agree . Your post is very helpful

  • Hieu Martin@Tips for Blogger

    The popular firefox security add on is WOT but this list i dont see.
    why you not add WOT plugin to this list ?

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