5 Useful Chrome Extensions for Better Tab Management

Updated October 6, 2023

When I start a new session in Chrome, I commence with two or three pinned tabs at the beginning but due to my work nature but I often end up working on 15 to 20 tabs concurrently. Google Chrome may be the best browser of all, but tab management is still a problem while working with so many tabs at the same time.

Luckily, we have extensions in Chrome, which can help us mend the shortcoming and take away the pain. Here is a list of 5 useful tab management plugin for Chrome, I use to make my daily work easier. Have a look.

1# Too Many Tabs

too many tabs

When we open too many tabs concurrently in Google Chrome, the tab size decreases too much that we are not able to see the favicons of the website. Switching to a different tab can really be a problem in such a case. Too Many Tabs is a simple extension to make things a little easier in such situations.

Once you install and click on the Too Many Tabs extensions in Google Chrome, you will see a popup window containing all the tabs of the current session along with a thumbnail preview of what’s going on in there. Just click on the tab preview to switch to the tab.

Too Many Tabs also helps in clearing memory too without loosing the work. We all know that each tab in Chrome takes up some physical computer memory. With the plugin, you can easily free up some by moving the tabs into the suspended list which will release the memory used by the tab. Later when you wish to work on them again, just select them to open them in your browser.

2# Quick Tab

quick tab

Quick tab is similar to Too Many Tabs but unlike the former, it does not display the thumbnail preview. It simply lists all the active tabs in your current session and clicking on an individual tab will switch to them. You can also search through the list to filter out the options. If you are on a system with lower memory, I recommend Quick Tab over Too Many Tabs because the latter takes great amount of time and resource to generate thumbnail preview, the former however, delivers the same more quickly and effectively.

3# Group Your Tab

While working with too many tabs, I usually open them haphazardly. It’s not usually a problem but while researching, I always prefer that all my tabs are arranged properly. Group Your Tab is a simple extension that shuffle and rearrange your tabs in a more meaning full manner. For example, if you have tabs for Wikipedia, Google and Facebook opened at the same time but in a random order, this simple plugin will arrange them in a group of Wikipedia, Google and Facebook together.

4# Close Tabs

close tabs

When you right click on any tab in Chrome, you get three options to close tabs, close current, close all tabs on the right, close all but active. Some of the users may find that useful but in my normal practice, all the tabs I open are on the right with all the redundant and old tabs lying on the left-hand side and thus close tabs to the right does not make any sense to me.

Close tabs bring is feature like, close tabs to the left, close all tabs for current or other domain, etc. to your right click context menu, making it easier to manage tabs and close them at bulk with a single click.

5# Sexy Undo Close Tab

In Chrome, you can open closed from the right click context menu on the Chrome top bar but that’s limited to only the last tab. This plugin lists all your closed tabs in the current session along with the time stamp when you closed the tab. You can also search through the closed tab history and then click on the one you wish to open again.

Those are all the plugins, I use to manage tabs while working on Google Chrome. If you have any personal recommendation, you would like to make, you can do it in the comments section. I will surely take a look and see how it could help.


  • You must check the TabsOutliner extension. Highly recommend.

  • sumit kumar @reviewsontech

    yeah all Extension are good for your web browser, one of best extension for web browser called “autopager”. let try its is very useful for net surfer.

  • Heather Protz

    Just this day I was thinking on how annoying it is to manage tabs on Google chrome. I wasn’t aware of the grouping option. Thanks for the share.

  • Felicia @ No Deposit Poker

    I never had any idea that Google Chrome has many extensions to help us manage the many tabs we normally open each time during our Internet usage. I find the Quick Tab and Group your Tab to be very useful tools for those who has lots of tabs open at the same time.

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