5 Great Chrome Extensions For Reddit

Updated October 6, 2023

Reddit is a USA based website for social news, where the users, who have registered, share contents, in many forms like text or sharing a link. Other users then vote for the submitted links or posts. It is then used to determine the position of the post in the site’s page. It was a simple website in the beginning discovering and sharing contents, but now it has developed into a big community and it has played a huge integral part in many campaigns held online, like raising money for a charitable cause. Since Reddit has become a huge website, it was difficult to manage. There are almost fifteen chrome extensions and tools for Reddit that will help a person to browse it more effectively and easily. Some of the 5 Great Chrome Extensions for Reddit are Threaddit, See It, Reddit Tab Opener, Reddit Platinum and Reddit Reader.


When comment threads become very long, out of topic and turn into a battleground, it becomes difficult for a person to follow. The person may find it messy as well. To avoid confusion and go through time-consuming work, Threaddit is the best option. It encloses a bunch of comments into one single comment, making it easy to read them.

See It

See It is a fresh new way to surf Reddit. It opens the links, which one looks over even for few minutes, and a small window is opened when the links are clicked on. Therefore we can say that there are small windows that open individually for different links. The individual windows can be kept minimized; one can open as many windows as they want to. When users open a new window, the old one automatically minimizes.

Reddit Tab Opener

If the user thought there has to be a quicker way of going through links and ever reaches the 500th item on Reddit, they would probably need Reddit Tab Opener.

Reddit Platinum

Keyword shortcuts are added by Rediff Platinum for example- up for previous reddit. One can open a link, browse through items on a page, open a link in the background, vote up or vote down items, browse through the comments etc.

Reddit Reader

The last one in the list of 5 Great Chrome Extensions for Reddit is Reddit Reader. It gives the user much proper view of continuous conversations and general content that they find on Reddit.

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