3 Best Chrome Extensions for SEO

Updated October 6, 2023

While Google Chrome still ranks behind Mozilla Firefox when it comes to extensions at the moment, Chrome is becoming increasingly popular and is just barely trailing behind. It may not be long till Firefox has to pass the reigns to Chrome for the largest percentage of web browser usage. With Google being the dominant search engine that defines the SEO industry, it’s to be expected that more users will be switching to Chrome and it’s useful SEO extensions that can make the job a lot easier. Below are three of the best.

SEO for Chrome

This handy tool is a drop down menu that hides away in the upper left corner. Upon clicking the dropdown, SEO for Chrome updates and provides information like backlinks, traffic, and search statistics from eight different sites – the most important of which is MajesticSEO which provides detailed information on backlinks, anchor text, keywords, and more. The only downside of this extension is that it for it to be 100% useful, having a MajesticSEO account is needed.



Build and updated by the industry giant, SEOmoz, the tool has a few different uses that can benefit workers in the SEO field. The MozBar is the highlight works as a collapsible bar that can be placed on the top, right side, or bottom of the screen and provides information like Page Authority and Domain Authority which helps you rule out sites quickly. Then you can click on the Mozbar button and a window opens that gives you details about the page you are on with information like load time, link statistics, and the ability to utilize SEOmoz tools and a tool to mark different types of links (nofollow, follow, internal, and external). Finally there is a SERP overlay that shows the PA, DA, and the ability to go directly to SEOmoz to check out the site straight from the Google’s SERP.


Page Rank Fast

A very simple tool when compared to the two above, Page Rank Fast gives you the page rank for any page you happen to be viewing. This is very helpful when you have picky clients who only want to be linked on high page ranked sites, and helps to see which landing pages can provide the best link juice. Page Rank Fast simply sits the in upper right corner with the other extensions, and shows a bar that fills with green that correlates with a number from one through ten that shows the pages Google page rank.


Just like any tool, they are only useful in the hands of a skilled carpenter. Used in conjunction, SEO for Chrome, Mozbar, and Page Rank Fast should provide most, if not all, of the information you will need for sites as you pursue your SEO endeavors.

Author Bio:- Thomas McMahon is a writer living in Boise, Idaho. Currently he is writing for Page One Power, a relevancy first link building services company. They have an in-depth SEO link building blog full of free information.


  • Amol @ ConnectAmol

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful list. I’ve heard about Mozbar extension but never tried out. Let’s see how it will be helpful to me.

    • Thomas McMahon

      I use Mozbar the most out of all of these tools. It’s always active and easy to glance at to tell how reputable a site is. I hope it works out for you!

  • mahi kashyap

    Thanks for sharing above extensions and tips for SEO. Keep on updating with new things I would follow up you.. And have bookmarked techmaish

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