4 Cool Car Apps

Updated October 6, 2023

There are a number of cool car apps that can make your drive more pleasurable. These cool apps include the Scout GPS, TomTom app, Gas Buddy, and Find My Car. These apps help you find the cheapest gas in your area, find your way around town and even help you find your car. Also checkout 5 cool android apps if you own a android phone and want to experience some very useful applications on it.

Scout GPS

Scout GPS is a gps app that allows users to get directions on their smartphone. The app is compatible with the iPhone, most Android phones and blackberry.  the GPS helps user get to their destination by giving them multiple routes to get there.



The TomTomapp is another gps application that is compatible with Apple’s iPhone as well as their iPad. The TomTom app was designed after the TomTom GPS system for cars. The TomTom app includes the latest updated maps. You can also integrated the app with your Facebook account. The TomTom app allows users to keep their eyes on their road and hands on the wheel by speaking out the name of the streets.

Gas Buddy

The GasBuddy app was created by the companion website gasbuddy.com. The application can help you save money on gas by helping you find the cheapest gas around town and for free. The app allows users to find a lists of local gas stations and their current prices. The app also allows users to earn points for reporting gas prices to them. The points can be used for prizes and giveaways from the site.

Find My Car

The Find My Car is a lifesaver for anyone who has ever forgotten where they parked their car at. The application uses GPS location services to find its users car. You know longer need to remember where you parked out what cars you parked by. The app even lets user pick the best direction for them to walk to their car.

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