Introducing Google Engage: Program that Helps you Master Adwords

Updated October 6, 2023

Small businesses are found large in number and their owners find it hard to expand their customer base. This may be due to various factors and the main reason being money. Google has decided to help out millions of small businesses by launching a new program Engage. So what does it do? It helps you to master AdWords and several Google products so that you act as a bridge to help in the growth of customers and clients online.

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You can never grow your business if you do not build a proper relationship. Google Engage helps you to build the perfect relationship so that your business flourishes. Engage is a wonderful program initiated by Google  which allows you to watch 3 videos and offers you 20 coupons worth $100, support and a few marketing materials so that you promote the AdWords PPC program. The coupons offered by Google are only for the new AdWord subscribers or for a customer who has an account less than 14 days old.

The program involves a little bit of training which mostly revolves around conferences, conventions and work-groups. You tend to learn more but mostly from your colleagues. Google pays you to attend the training so that you get to learn more by experience. Once the training is over, Google expects feedback from every individual who attended the meeting. So, how to get started with the Google Engage program?

  • The “Engage” home page is situated in the Resources section and you just have to click on the button “Join the program”.
  • A registration form appears on the screen and it is mandatory to fill it completely. This application goes to be reviewed by Google and authenticated within a span of 24 hours.
  • Keep a close watch on the training sessions and review each session. This will make sure that you have a strong catch on the Google Engage program.
  • You will now gain access to the dashboard of the AdWords coupon which can be used and distributed. Google also gives a few discounts to encourage the users.

When you take a look at the other side of the coin, the disadvantages of the Google Engage program does not seem interesting. This is more like that of hunting for prospects who are ready to set up their campaign with Google. Google might not end up at a big loss by distributing a few free coupons. However, for example, if I convince a client to set up the ad campaign on Google I will have to inform him about the $100 free coupons. And then, I will have to charge him/ her $300 to set up an account. Any small business will not want to lose $300 for a mere coupon.

Considering these I personally feel that Google Engage is going to pose a risk to small businesses. As the owner of a small business, you will be completely unaware of how much money your customer will spend on ad campaigns. If you are expecting an ROI, it is better to stay away from this program. Keep in mind that you have to bear the cost of campaign set-up, clicks and management fees. However, a small business which is eventually backed with finance can test the waters.

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