3 Best Tools to Improve Your Social Media Presence

Updated October 6, 2023

Whether you are an agency, a business, or just a person that wants to promote something, having a social media account, at least on one of the platforms, is mandatory. Nowadays, you don’t exist if you’re not social media, especially as a company or business. People won’t find you that easy, and they will probably miss your services or products.

Yet, it is not enough to create a social media account. You must learn how to manage them better and grow them to find the right audience or customers. Otherwise, you won’t achieve the wanted results on social media. Thus, how people or business can grow their presence on social media and create large accounts?

Social Media Presence Tools

Best Social Media Management Tools

Indeed, this is the correct answer: social media management tools. Nowadays, with all the technology evolving and working for us by making our life easier, it would be such a shame not to take advantage. Thus, in the software industry, many great tools will help you better manage your social media account. But, how will you know which one will fit your business model?

If you don’t know which one is right for you, you can always read total reviews about these tools on different websites. For example, Tekpon.com is a software marketplace where you can find complete reviews about all sorts of products that will help you grow your business.

What can you do with a Social Media Tool?

A tool like this will let you manage multiple platforms for your social media accounts and provide you some great instruments to grow them and reach your final audience. Thus, here’s a simple list with some features of a great social media tool. So, if you want to purchase a product for your social media, here’s what you have to look for:

  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Never miss a notification
  • Keep track of conversations
  • Schedule Posts
  • Social Media Dashboard
  • Monitor your Keywords
  • Analytics and Data Reports
  • Real-time engagement
  • ROI reports
  • Content Curation

Now, if you have the big picture of what social media means for your business, let’s see what tools you can try:


This software product is more than a social media management tool. ContentStudio is an all-in-one platform that will help you build quality content based on trends and topics, creating social media campaigns, and schedule your social media posts. If I may say it, ContentStudio is an entire social media department integrated into one single software.

Moreover, besides creating the content for your social media accounts, the platform provides you with scheduling features, publishing, analysis, planning, discover new topics for your business, and many other things. They offer a 14-days free trial, and you’re good to manage your social media accounts.


Another tool that is appreciated in this industry is Crowdfire. Whether you’re a person, business, or agency, this tool will help you boost your strategy and create awareness of your brand. With Crowdfire, you have the possibility of managing multiple accounts, and people can use the tool for various channels. Even for Tik-Tok, which is growing so fast and becoming increasingly used by people and brands.

Moreover, Crowdfire provides many great features that will help you post regularly and create great content for your business. Yet, before using this tool, you can read a complete review of Crowdfire and discover more things you can do!

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the first products in the industry and has authority in the market. Not only with its social media management instruments but also with the analytical features that the tool provides. It’s a great software product for businesses and offers up-to-date solutions. Sprout Social will unlock the full potential of social media to grow your accounts.

Also, Sprout Social will offer you real insights and tips on how to grow your social strategy and gain more awareness and audience. Moreover, they offer a 30-days free trial to try the platform and see how it is working for you.

Social media is a complex subject, and it can’t be cover in a single article, yet, if you don’t want to hire a Social Media Management, and to save money and time, you can always use the right tools. There are a lot of tools in the industry, but until purchasing a subscription, you should inform better and read as many reviews as possible to have the big picture. Social media is not just a Facebook page anymore. It is an entire digital ocean where you have to swim fast if you want your business to survive.

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