Browse Your Facebook Photos With FriendLens

Updated October 6, 2023

FriendLense is a great website that allows you to browse your friends photos with ease. As you know the default photo viewer in facebook is not that much feature rich, and you have very limited functionality in term of photo viewing. For example you can’t view all the photos of your friends in full size on one page.


With FriendLense you can view all the photos of your friends on one page in full size on just one click. You have all the name of your friends available on left side to click and see all there photos.

Search box is also available for you to search your friends and brows there photos. You can also click the “Recent Photos” button to see the latest photos of your friends.

You just need to access the website and click on the “”Log in with Facebook” button to login to your account and start browsing your friends photos and even you can comment on your friends photos.

Access FriendsLense:- to explore its great features.

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