10 New and Free Photoshop Tutorials for 2022

Updated October 6, 2023

I understand that as fellow Photoshop aficionados, you guys are always on the lookout for techniques, tips and tricks to enhance your design skills. If you want to learn new tricks, improve your Photoshop skills and become a better graphic designer, I suggest that you check out the following 10 new and free Photoshop tutorials.

1# Valentine’s Day 3D Text Effect

Valentine's Day 3D Text Effect

Ah, love month! Are you thinking of incorporating some heart designs to what you’re creating this month? This tutorial is perfect for February as it shows you how to create a sweet Valentine’s Day text effect with the help of Filter Forge and Photoshop.

2# Price Table Photoshop Tutorial

Price Table Photoshop Tutorial

For those of you who are into designing shopping websites, then this clean, stylish price tables that feature product tier benefits can make the purchasing process more attractive. This tutorial shows you how to design price tables in Photoshop.

3# Submerged Road Scene

Submerged Road Scene

Turn any landscape into an underwater playground with the tips and tricks revealed in this Photoshop tutorial.

4# Access the Hidden Photographic Toning Gradients in Photoshop CS6

Gradients in Photoshop CS6

This isn’t a step-by-step tutorial, but it is a sweet tip you can use to enhance your designs. Denny Tang shows you how to access the “hidden” photographic toning gradients in Photoshop CS6.

5# Free Folder Mockup Templates

Free Folder Mockup Templates

This tutorial will help you to create a beautiful folder mockup template so that you can see how your printed folder will look like.

6# Battlefield Scene Tutorial

Battlefield Scene Tutorial

Create a masterful battlefield scene using stock photography and Photoshop. This PSD Tuts Plus tutorial shows you how to do it, step by step.

7# Contact Form PSD

Contact Form PSD

If you have a personal blog or online portfolio, you know how important a contact form is. Having a clean, cool-looking contact form makes it more inviting for people or potential client to keep in touch with you. This DesignModo tutorial shows you how to create a bright, inviting contact form design in Photoshop.

8# Use Coloring Techniques To Add Depth To Your Artwork

Add Depth To Your Artwork

If you like using Photoshop for highly detailed digital paintings, you’ll love this tutorial that demonstrates how coloring techniques can add depth to your designs. Even if you don’t use Photoshop for digital painting, the coloring tips given in this tutorial are well worth the read.

9# Dramatic War Scene

Dramatic War Scene

Learn to design a dramatic war scene, complete with lighting and shading effects, in this Photoshop tutorial.

10# How To Make Scotch Tape In Photoshop

Make Scotch Tape In Photoshop

Want to mimic the Scotch tape look in your designs? This Photoshop tutorial gives you all the sticky details. This is just nice especially if you want to incorporate that sort of scrapbook feel to your design.

11# Master The Pen Tool In 30 Minutes

Master The Pen Tool

Despite its importance, the pen tool continues to frustrate so many who try to use it for the first time.  This Photoshop tutorial walks you through a simple exercise that makes learning the pen tool easy, so after you draw a penguin you’ll be able to use it with ease.

Do you know of any new tricks that may be able to help out your fellow designers? Please do share them in the comments below!

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