10 Unique Photo Editing Effects PhotoShop Tutorials

Updated October 6, 2023

Just about anyone who has played around with Photoshop knows how to fix red eye and adjust image brightness, but how do you get a Lomo effect or apply a tilt shift to make images appear like miniature models? The answers to those and other questions can be found in the following 10 unique photo editing effects tutorials.

1# Turn Humdrum Photos Into Cinematic Portraits

Turn Humdrum Photos Into Cinematic Portraits

I’m always amazed at how wonderfully detailed movie poster and magazine ad photos look, and it’s often because designers incorporated the techniques used in this Photoshop tutorial.

2# Movie Photo Effect


Movie Photo Effect Before


Movie Photo Effect After

Want to really wow your friends with your photos of that “romantic Parisian atmosphere” you shot during your last vacation? Apply the filters and other effects taught in this Photoshop tutorial, and you’ll have movie-quality images that will make your trip even better than you remembered.

3# Slim a Face in Photoshop

This tutorial will help you to slim faces in a photo, or adjust the angels, add lighting to make the photo more appealing.


4# Athletic Advertisement

Athletic Advertisement

Speaking of magazine ads, you can recreate an athletic ad look for your high schooler’s football pictures with this Photoshop portrait composite tutorial.

5# Lens Flare


Lens Flare Before


Lens Flare After

Add a touch of drama and beauty to your sunny landscape scenes with this easy-to-follow Photoshop lens flare tutorial.

6# Easy Digital Painting

Easy Digital Painting

Turn any portrait into a realistic digital painting fast and easy with this Photoshop tutorial, then tell your colleagues you drew it from scratch!

7# Gritty Details

Gritty Details

Give your subjecta dark, dirty, gritty, grungy look by adding shadows and details with this Photoshop tutorial.

8# Tilt Shift Photoshop Tutorial

Tilt Shift Photoshop Tutorial

Turn any image landscape or subject into a miniature model with this advanced Photoshop tutorial.

9# Lomo Effect Tutorial

Lomo Effect Tutorial

Some Lomo effect tutorials promise to show you how to create a Lomo effect in three easy steps (or less!), but the final result is lacking. This tutorial is the real deal; pay attention, and you’ll have the ability to apply this creative effect on any photo, forever.

10# Turn Any Portrait Into A Cartoon


Turn Any Portrait Into A Cartoon Befo


Turn Any Portrait Into A Cartoon After

This Photoshop tutorial walks you through the process of turning a portrait subject into a highly-detailed cartoon – in this case, the Mad Hatter.

11# Create an HDR Photo

Create an HDR Photo

HDR, or High Dynamic Range, photos capture a broad range of lights and darks, giving your photos more detail and bringing action to life. This Photoshop tutorial shows you how to give your photos an HDR makeover.

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