10 Terrific Texture PhotoShop Tutorials

Updated October 6, 2023

My first crack at Photoshop many years ago – it was CS2 when I started out – led me to try every feature the software offered. Most features presented with obvious and immediate benefits, but the textures left something to be desired. Now, as Photoshop has progressed through several editions and legions of loyal users have played with it and made it their own, textures can be your best friends; in fact, if you know how to use textures, they can make turn a ho-hum design into an out-of-this-world masterpiece. If you want to brush up on your graphic design skills, learn the techniques taught in the following 10 terrific texture tutorials. You can also read one of my previous post where photo editing photoshop tutorials are listed.

1# Glass Texture Tutorial

Glass Texture Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to create a privacy bubble glass texture, perfect for interiors and other designs.

2# Distressed Image Texture Tutorial

Distressed Image Texture T

Want to give your images and designs a magazine-quality, distressed appearance? Try this Photoshop tutorial to learn how.

3# Canvas Print Texture Tutorial

Canvas Print Texture Tutorial

Give your websites, posters, advertisements, and other designs a canvas-printed textured appearance with the tips and tricks revealed in this tutorial.

4# Bokeh Texture Tutorial

Bokeh Texture Tutorial

Bokeh is beautiful; those soft-colored bubbles can add elegance and even dreaminess to any design. Learn how to apply it using textures with this tutorial.

5# Denim Texture Tutorial

Denim Texture Tutorial

Denim is a popular textured background for websites, mobile apps, and print marketing, but many of the denim texture tutorials out there seem to miss the boat when it comes to realism. This Photoshop tutorial is spot-on.

6# Highly-Textured Website Design Tutorial

Highly-Textured Website Design Tutorial

Some of the best web designs today feature subtle texturing throughout; a technique this tutorial teaches you how to apply to your own digital creations.

7# Old Paper Texture Tutorial

Old Paper Texture Tutorial

Want to give your paper an old, weathered, aged appearance? This tutorial shows you how to do it with textures.

8# Metal Textures Tutorial

Metal Textures Tutorial

This premium (yet free!) tutorial shows you how to use textures to create several different convincing metal finishes, including diamond plating and smoothness.

9# Leather Texture Tutorial

Leather Texture Tutorial

Learn how to give your graphic designs an aged cowhide finish with this leather texture tutorial.

10# Marble Texture Tutorial

Marble Texture Tutorial

The key to a great marbled look is randomness, which can be difficult to pull off with textures. This tutorial shows you how to do it – and you can make your marble any color you want.

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