YouTube Subscribers: Reasons to Increase Your Audience

Updated October 6, 2023

To gain success on social media you have to communicate a lot. Interacting with other people is vital for your blog growth on YouTube too, hence one of the most important metrics to track on this platform is the number of your subscribers. A common thought that buying youtube subscribers is enough to make a good base for your progress, is wrong. Purchased subs from legit services is a good aiding instrument, but you should always put your efforts into providing organic growth of your channel.

Why is it so important, you may ask? Well, there are some significant reasons for that and in this article those will be revealed and explained.

YouTube Subscribers


Many key characteristics of your channel are based on your community. Your interaction with the audience and the behavior of users help to formulate and understand the impact of your content. Here are the metrics that are most dependent on the human factor:

  • Engagement
  • Watch time
  • Visibility and recognition on the platform
  • Average view duration
  • Audience retention
  • Rewatches

As we can see, these are the characteristics that are considered to be having the biggest influence on the process of channel growth. By simply looking through the comment section you can already understand the reaction and perception of your videos.

Improving Your Content

improve your content

Only users can evaluate your content as is. They watch it, they understand it, they love it. At the same time there can occur things or obstacles that will be hard to understand and relate to, or controversial questions, or annoying details and imperfections of your editing skills, etc.

So, only with the help of viewers you can apply effective changes to your content. In fact, some mistakes you can avoid by monitoring the audience of your competitors. This is a fast way to get a clear vision for your tactics and get some useful insights for your communication with the viewers.

Better Ranking On Youtube

Ranking is highly resonating with the engagement level, and for good engagement, you need people! How surprising. Anyway, as it was mentioned before, simply gaining big numbers is not enough. You can have a gazillion subscribers but if they are not showing any activity on your profile – you won’t reach any goals you might set. To improve your position in ratings you must aim for better quality of your audience. In these terms, it is much more efficient to have a lesser number, but bigger activity. And then, as you make your audience move it and shake it, the number will increase almost magically – people love blogs where they see communication going on.

New Ideas For Your Videos

User-generated content is a magic wand that not only broadens your content plan but tightens your bond with subscribers too! To explain how it works let’s create an example.

Imagine you have a blog about cooking. You share recipes and different stuff about food. Here are the methods to get yourself some user-generated content:

  • Offer your viewers to cook with you or after your video. Encourage them to send you photos of their result and then post it in your next video (don’t forget to get permission to do that)
  • Ask what your subscribers would like to see next from you and prepare the dishes according to the most popular query.
  • Help your subs to learn. Let them share with you what mistakes they have met on their way to good cooking, or which processes confuse them, and create a specific Q&A playlist for that.

And here you go – three types of content that can squeeze into your content plan easily, entertain your audience, and attract more people to your channel.

People Bring More People

One of the ways to increase your visibility on YouTube is to make your content sharable. To fulfill that task – you need people who will do the sharing. The logic is simple – each person has a certain ring of family and friends, and they would want to share what they like, that is human nature. For you, it means that the potential of each share is endless. Just remember the theory of seven handshakes, the same works for shares on YouTube. Your job is to maintain the interest in your personality and the videos you create.

Tip: use CTA’s to get what you want – this isn’t too hard to implement in your content, and the result can be surprisingly good. 

Friends And Fun!

Who said that being a blogger on YouTube is a dull job? On the contrary, starting a channel on this network is a good way to meet new people, learn something new, and have a lot of fun! Yes, launching and maintaining the flow of your channel is not too easy, but the key thing here that you should choose what you really love doing, and making your content with passion and genuine interest is what will bring you like-minded folks to the list of subscribers. This way, you can meet new friends and keep your mental health up. This is very important because creating something worthy can be stressing and exhausting. Knowing that you have support and appreciation from many other people can be a nice motivation and positive experience.

How To Get More Subscribers On Youtube?

how to get more subs

The initial question that emerges as we discuss this topic. The reasons to do that are making you want to get some right now, huh? Well, to ease your life we have collected the most effective modern tips and techniques to increase your audience on YouTube.

  • Be consistent. Users on YouTube are quite a demanding lot, and to keep the interest in your content on the same level, you should post new videos at least once a week. The perfect frequency of uploading is three videos a week, but this quantity depends on the type of content that you make.
  • Optimize your videos – your main points here would be titles, descriptions, and tags. Well, for more reach, you should find and use the most relevant search keywords. Having the optimization nailed, you can count on a better reach and more accurate targeting.
  • Cross-promote your channel on other social networks. Doing different campaigns for different social profiles, with a subtle mention of your channel on YouTube – can bring you many new viewers to impress. Just try not to duplicate your posts, unless it is really necessary – diversity of the content motivates users to subscribe.
  • Create top-quality content. Your material is king. Nothing can beat the potential of a really engaging and original idea. Try to look at usual things from another angle, and spice it all up with your personal flair.


Having a huge number of subscribers is important for growing a channel on YouTube, especially since the competition is huge in most niches. But having an established active community is better for your ranking and position in the niche. Social media makes worthy content viral very fast, so you shouldn’t be much concerned about your numbers. Pay attention to the level of activity that your audience shows, and interact with them as much as you can. The result comes soon, and then you will easily increase all your other stats. Good luck!