Wondershare Video Editor Vs Windows Movie Maker

Updated October 6, 2023

Searching for a movie maker is an easy task to do but finding the right one as per your demands is quite a challenging task. Considering the same aspect, the given article highlights the remarkable features of two most common movie makers named as Wondershare Video Editor and Windows Movie Maker; such an informative comparison would definitely help you decide which one you should choose. It is known, both Wondershare Video Editor and Windows Movie Maker are used to create the artistic videos along with the addition of numerous effects. Though, the purpose of both software programs is the same but they differ in terms of various video editing functions. Here is a brief comparison between these two programs.


Supported Video Formats

Windows Movie Maker is a built-in Microsoft program that supports those formats of videos that come from Microsoft; on the other hand, Wondershare Video Editor facilitates a huge variety of video formats, it also includes the HD format which is the most highlighting feature of this software. A video maker allows the user to create video or a slideshow of photos in an efficient manner; in both Wondershare Video Editor and Windows Movie Maker, you can create a superb slideshow by importing the photos and that can come automatically into slideshow.

Video Editing Functions

Windows Movie Maker is not only used for making videos or creating the images slideshow but it also offers different options to add effect on the audio and video of the existing movie; comparing it with the similar feature of Wondershare Video Editor, it is said that Wondershare Video Editor edit the videos in more refined manner along with the availability of a wider range of video editing functions. Stunning videos can be produced using one of these software programs but with the difference in software compatibility; both are reliable and easy to use but Wondershare Video Editor offers more compatibility than Windows Movie Maker. Import the videos, edit slideshows, add a theme and edit soundtrack, are some of the common features present in Wondershare Video Editor and Windows Movie Maker. But Wondershare Video Editor also enables users to add picture-in-picture effect, apply special video effects like Jump Cut, Face off and more.

Output Options

As for the output methods, Wondershare Video Editor provides more options: you can either save your video to different formats or export the video to almost any popular mobile phones and portable devices. On top of that, you can directly upload the video to YouTube and Facebook or burn to DVD. On the other hand, Windows Movie Maker only enables you to save video in different formats or share on YouTube and Facebook, or upload them to SkyDrive.

The above discussion is just a flashback covering some of the best features of Wondershare Video Editor and Windows Movie Maker; it is quite difficult to decide which one is the best. However, it is challenging to declare the best only one; so it is better to say that both have their own importance and it depends on the format, length and nature of editing that which one video editor is better so far.

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