How to Edit Video Files with Freeware?

Updated October 6, 2023

Can you recommend some free and easy video editing programs? Windows movie maker sucks, I swear yesterday I had been sitting at this computer for 11 hours. -.-”. I have seen more than ten questions about this on Yahoo answer today! So many people need a great but free video editor; I would like to share something about this with you.

window movie makerSurely, Windows Movie Maker is not perfect, but there is no really anything that is free and not crap like Windows Movie Maker Currently. Although you can use Sony Vegas and adobe after effects etc, but these will only last for a month and then you will have to keep making acounts. So if you are a windows user, and no need too much about quality, you can use WMM.

Other free video editing software for windows: WAX, Blender, Jashaka , Virtual dub , Zwei-Stein , Avedit, Avidemux etc.

imovieIf you are Mac user, iMovie is your best choice which is a proprietary video editing software application sold by Apple Inc. it is 100% free with no limitations or watermarks on the output videos. iMovie offers powerful editing function, such as apply voice, clip video, add effects, logo, titles, transitions, slides, fade in and fade out etc.

Other free video editing software for Mac: Blender, Avidemux , Jashaka , HyperEngine-AV etc.

Author Bio:- Anna is a software engineer/ part time Internet marketer who loves blogging and reading. Check out his personal blog-video editor mac to learn how to edit video with ease.

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