Why Product Design Is Important For Startup?

Updated October 6, 2023

Product design is one of the most important factors in product development. Although it seems that technology plays a major role, we shouldn’t diminish the potential of appearance. What is a good product design and how can it help you build your startup?

What is product design?

Product design is the overall visual expression of the product. This includes its shape, colours, size and other visual features. Product design plays a major role in marketing, and especially branding. It makes the brand and the products more recognizable and appealing, and also highlights features or the quality of the product. Product design is also important for attracting the target group and indicating the product segment. Visual identification should always be carefully planned and consistent.

Product design has always been important. Marketing has spent years figuring out how to improve sales results by implementing modifications in design. The right design can not only attract customers, but even define the success of the product. If you would like to design your product professionally, with the support of skilled designers and developers, we recommend contacting a tech product design company e.g. Miquido.

Why is product design important?

When it comes to a technology startup, design is not only about art and visual appearance. Design often also defines the functionality of the product, working in harmony with UX. The user takes some particular steps inside of the technology tool, and makes their purchase decision based on how the app is leading them. When the design does not correlate with functionality, the app will not be considered user friendly and will be used frequently. However, the right design can significantly drive business results, which is particularly important for a startup.

Moreover, well-prepared product design can evoke the consumer’s emotions and desires. Attractive visual features can interest a potential customer in at least trying out the product. On the other hand, bad design can cause a customer to tire of the app very quickly. Thus, constant design improvements can drive success and financial results.

Where is product design important?

Product design is crucial for most technology products. Although it’s not most important at the stage of prototyping or building an MVP, it will become crucial once the app is launched. No matter if it’s a mobile or web app, you should always ensure that the design correlates with UX/UI, offering easy navigation and attracting customers. Intuitive interfaces can turn out to be crucial in increasing revenues and profits.

The next important group of products is IoT (Internet of Things), so, more physical products. Here not only are colours important, but also the materials, type of surfaces and coatings. All the visual features should also be connected with sensors to ensure the efficient transmission of the data.

Product design is also important for other physical products. The 21st century is a time of dynamic environmental changes. Environmentally-friendly design and materials will be an advantage not only for the planet, but also for customers who are more and more aware of environmental issues, and more and more frequently choose sustainable goods. Therefore, if you’re planning to design your own physical product of any kind, consider environmentally-friendly and recyclable materials.

How to create a good product design

A good product design is based on a blend of various elements. First of all, you should consider it from the UX perspective. Make sure that the design provides users with easy and intuitive navigation tools. All of the buttons should be well-visible, the contact forms and menus easy to find, and all the important content highlighted and exposed.

Secondly, also bear in mind the marketing perspective. The right choice of colours and fonts will make your brand unique and easily recognizable. This is important right from the beginning, even when you’re just a startup with no established market position. This will make your brand noticeable and may attract your first users and investors. We highly recommend doing market research before deciding on colours and design features to check what would work best.

If you would like to achieve a perfectly planned product design based on both marketing and technical factors, it might be a good idea to contact a product design company. They will support you with their experience and advice, and help your product succeed in a dynamic market.