3 Simple Steps to Convert PSD File into Joomla Theme Template Website

Updated October 6, 2023

Photoshop is the most dynamic Adobe software which all web designers would require in order to design an attractive and unique website design. Whenever a designer uses Photoshop for creating a design it is stored in the PSD format and since these files are too weighty it is difficult to upload them directly in the website. Moreover, most of these files are not compatible with the browser so if these files are uploaded in the original format in the website, then the viewers would not be able to view these pages. Therefore, the developers need to convert the PSD files into Joomla template before uploading them. The process of conversion is as simple as translating a file in HTML to WordPress template.

Here are the three basic steps by means of which you will be able to convert a PSD file to Joomla template easily.

Slicing or dividing the PSD file into different segments:

This is the first step in the process of conversion of the PSD format into Joomla template. In this process the designers make an attempt to slice the different designs that he or she has created into different layers so that these parts can be coded separately in the compatible formats. It can be divided into different layers with the help of any photo editing computer applications. Once these are divided, it is also important to save the files in different names; this will help the developers in the process of coding the designs separately in CSS and HTML language so that they are ready to be uploaded in the websites.

HTML coding process:

The coding of the designs needs to be completed manually and it is a complicated task. For the completion of this process the developer needs to have an in-depth knowledge about the HTML language. Always use the SEO friendly table less HTML format for coding a particular slice as it will make the website SEO friendly. Once the developer has completed HTML coding, now they should also pay due attention to conversion of the PSD files to CSS format. It will help in making the coding format flexible and as a result the files can be uploaded easily. Furthermore PSD to CSS conversion would also aid in making the website compatible with all the available browsers. Thoroughly check the codes in different browsers to ensure that it is in the correct format before you go on to the next stage.

The last stage:

Just as in the case of converting a HTML to WordPress template, also in case of HTML to Joomla integration the developer needs to be very cautious. There should not be any irregularity in the coding as it would directly impact the look as well as the functionality of the website. In case you are unaware of the process, it is best to take help from the professionals who have enough experience in this field.

Joomla is one of the most unique content management systems with the help of which it is possible to create unique website with cutting edge features as well as having a professional look. This simple process can also be used for launching a new version of the older website to give it a new look as well as advanced functionality. Moreover, it has an extremely user friendly interface and thus it can be handled by the webmaster with ease. It is best to take the help of the professional Joomla developer for getting the most desirable effect on screen as he or she knows all the tricks of the trade and will be able to use it with ease.

Author Bio:The above article is written by RP who is an expert writer for topics like designing and development. She believes that in the case of converting a HTML to WordPress template and HTML to Joomla integration the developer needs to be very cautious. She has written almost 46 articles for various sites till date.

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