Ivacy VPN Review ( 2019 Updated )

Updated October 6, 2023

The digital age has brought about a host of benefits in information sharing and communications etc. Thanks to the internet operations have become faster and relationships have grown stronger. However, coupled with all these benefits there have been several disadvantages. Chief amongst these are cybercrimes. From identity theft to ransomware affecting multi-national corporations, these digital activities are costing us billions of dollars every year.

While governments and businesses are playing their part to protect citizen and customer information, individuals like us have a responsibility to bear too. False impersonation, identity theft and hacking are some of the cyber-threats which plague us on a daily basis. Luckily, there are some robust and reliable programs which offer protection against those with malicious intentions.

Ivacy VPN is one such software which offers a diverse range of features catering to an array of threats and needs. The basic function of a VPN is to provide identity protection and prevention of different servers from tracking your location. Ivacy VPN goes a step further and offers consumers innovative functions that cover almost every requirement.


There are many VPN’s available on the market today but few have the same pedigree as Ivacy. Winner of the coveted 2019 BestVPN.com ‘Fastest VPN Award’ among two others, Ivacy has proven its reliability time and again both in the eyes of the critics and users. Having been featured on some of the leading tech forums like TechCrunch etc. lends further weightage to the level of services that this software provides.

Here are the few highlights of many options which users get access to when they subscribe to one of our exciting packages.

Torrent anonymously

Ivacy brings ease and security to the process of downloading torrents. Now you can great content with ease from anywhere in the world along with amazing speeds. With ‘zero’ logs and complete anonymity, you have the sense of comfort and safety. Ivacy VPN takes pride in providing hassle free access to all kinds of torrents without compromising on your time and identity.

Stream anything, from anywhere

With Ivacy VPN, users can take enjoy complete library of Netflix. The service allows you to binge watch your favourite TV shows across a wide range of device-be it laptops or mobile. Ivacy offers some of the fastest speeds which allow entire episodes to stream without any interruptions. With this program you have the ability to gain access to some of the greatest shows airing right now like Game of Thrones.

With HBO blocking access to streaming rights of the shows for users outside the US, Ivacy grants you uninterrupted capability to follow the final battle for the Iron Throne as it unfolds. Don’t miss a single moment of the eighth and final season of one of the most popular shows on the planet with Ivacy.

Channel Streaming VPN

Restrict online spying

Hackers and other cyber-criminals are using a variety of tactics to gain access to our devices and manipulate usage of our private information. From sensitive passwords to real time location, these elements can create channels to tap into everything which we hold private. With Ivacy you don’t have to worry about any of these threats anymore.

Ivacy VPN keeps no log of user browsing sessions and neither does it allow other third-party applications to do so. With restriction of ISP tracking and spying by different programs, the levels of security which Ivacy VPN provides are unbeatable. Once you’ve installed Ivacy, you can sit back and enjoy internet surfing like the good old days.

Optimized Server

Data encryption

As important as IP masking, data encryption is another tool which allows you to secure all types of informational transactions and communication. Ivacy VPN provides a state of the art 256-bit encryption to protect sensitive user data against all kinds of threats. The degree of security which Ivacy VPN offers through its infrastructure and highly trained team gives you the ability to feel safe as long as you’re connected to the internet.

Ending Thought

Ivacy has some of the most affordable packages in the market with the monthly bundle starting from $9.95 a month and the bestselling 2 years subscription for just $2.25 per month. The extents of features which come with the price make it worth every penny.

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