Which Profession Is Better To Choose In IT

Updated October 6, 2023

First, let’s highlight the areas of IT-activities. These areas include: development, design, management, marketing, support and analytics. In each direction, we highlight the IT professions, which correspond to certain skills. We will try to describe them briefly.

In IT-development, the most recognizable and well-known profession is, of course, a programmer (engaged in creating computer programs, algorithms, websites). The profession of the programmer is divided into many names on programming languages (Java, PHP, JavaScript, JavaAndroid, etc.), for example:

  • the Java programmer creates complex applications, using this programming language. It is used to develop corporate applications and video games, web applications using JSP (Java Server Pages), as well as native Android applications for smartphones and tablets,
  • PHP programmer is a developer who uses this particular programming language, the most common today. It is very easy to learn and is able to meet the needs of professionals. It is designed to “liven up” the pages of the site,
  • Tester – checks the IT product for various problems and inaccuracies in use, looking for “pitfalls”. For example, QA automation monitors the quality of a product at various stages of its development, testing and operation and, like the programmers, develops it, only it creates a product to check what is written by the programmers.

With the direction of IT design it is easier. Here you can highlight the following profession:

Web-designer – an artist with a technical warehouse of mind. We can say that their task is to create an attractive and user-friendly web design and interface, which in turn are indicators of quality software. Also on the web design depends on the number of users of the Internet resource, which is important to take into account the programmer when developing a web application. The ability to correctly use web-design is a big plus for the developer. For example, web-design UX includes information architecture, design interaction, usage of free mockups, graphic design and content. Web-design UI – a narrower concept, which includes a certain set of graphically designed technical elements (buttons, checkboxes, selectors and other fields). Its task is to help the user to organize interaction with the program / site.

With management in IT in general, “everything is simple”: IT-director, project manager and product manager. Be a computer genius, a good manager, create and, know yourself, a manager.

The direction of IT-marketing is already more diverse:

  • SMM-manager – promotes the product in social networks,
  • SEO-specialist – promotes sites on the network,
  • Internet Marketer – promotes the brand on the Internet,
  • Sales manager of IT services – an intermediary between the buyer and the IT company,
  • PR-manager – specialist in advertising and public relations.

IT support is quite a large and important “part” of IT industry. This includes:

  • database administrator – develops and maintains the database,
  • system administrator or sysadmin – makes sure that computers and software work properly,
  • information security specialist – invents systems that ensure the safety of information at different levels,
  • network administrator – designs networks and establishes info-communications,
  • CRM manager – builds relationships with customers,
  • technical support specialist.

In IT-analysis can be distinguished by a system analyst who develops an IT system that works to improve business performance, web analytics, which analyzes user behavior on the site, and Big Data analytics, which studies large amounts of data in science and business.

The modern market of IT technologies is also impossible to imagine without the work of HR specialists and recruiters. But, nevertheless, very often we have to face the misconception of developers and other specialists about such employees. Who are IT-HR and IT-recruiters?

IT-recruiters are specialists, whose field of activity includes recruitment. The right choice of the candidate can help to increase productivity, profit and loyalty of employees. Incorrect choices usually have an impact on high turnover or lack of competence.

HR – specialists are engaged in recruitment, adaptation, evaluation and training. They also (most often – together with the heads of departments) develop a system of motivation in the company, assess the efficiency of the company’s personnel. They also have to find out the reasons for the “flow” and fight against it – if the company has faced this unpleasant problem.

Now we know IT-directions, IT-professions in them, it remains only to look attentively and listen to ourselves, to analyze our knowledge, skills and desires including.

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