Ice Cream Sandwich – Upcoming Addition to the Menu of Google Android

Updated October 6, 2023

Google is known for its updates, but usually it is the update in its ranking algorithm that becomes the talk of cyber town, but there are other Google products where an update or a newer version gets as much hype (even more) as compared to an update in their ranking algorithms. Android is one such product, where the upcoming version, dubbed as Ice Cream Sandwich, set to be released in the quarter of 2011, is getting quite some attention. The name itself implies that this is going to be a unique one – a better, more productive, and a more efficient version to take Android one step ahead.

The central feature of this OS is the “one size fit all”. Google aims to have the “Ice Cream Sandwich” be flexible enough for all kinds of devices, be it a smart-phone or a tablet PC, Ice Cream sandwich and its apps/features will be running smoothly on all of these platforms, without having to go through any extra hassle.

Ice Cream Sandwich Google Android

Basic Features of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Let’s take a look at some of the basic features offered by this latest version of the Android.

Honeycomb Integrated Features

First off, this OS will have the basic functionality of the current version of the Android (Honeycomb). Apart from that, cool GUI items, ability to multi-task in a smooth manner, and a plethora of web apps and widgets are the essential few features of the Ice Cream Sandwich.

3D Facial Recognition

This updated version will be having 3D facial detection as a special feature, which means the ability to recognize the face. This technology will come handy in many ways, and we can expect new applications and programs using this technology, though it is not yet clear as to what kind of application or features we can expect.

Apps Flexibility

The Ice cream Sandwich aims to be the OS that works on all kinds of devices. Earlier we have Gingerbread for mobiles, and Honeycomb for tablets. In comes the Sandwich, once it is released, you’ll have the same OS functional on all devices which are powered by the Android. Developers will be saved from going through the hassle of creating two different versions of apps for different devices, with Ice Cream Sandwich; the applications will be usable on all devices. Ice Cream Sandwich will be able to decipher the type of device and adjust the apps to work according to the device specifications.

Third Party APIs

The OS will come with Android Open Accessory feature i.e. The APIs that allows your Android device to connect with other devices and sync up data from different sources. The Android OS will act as a data cable that will be able to pick data from different compatible accessories.


Riding on the success of Google Plus, we sincerely hope that this would be the ultimate OS by Google. Since Google aims to create a “one size fits all OS”. Nobody minds some tweaks and upgrades every now and then, but the constant changes are a bit hectic for a regular user. This seems to be a much superior product, but nothing can be said with surety as Google never fails to surprise (on a side note, the “supposedly” leaked images of Ice Cream Sandwich are not as exciting as one would expect)!

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  • Yummmyyyyyyyyyyy i love Ice-Cream google rockx for ice-cream 😛

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    waiting soon for this update as i have heard a lot of change done to UI !

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