4 Free File Hosts Supporting Resume in Downloads

Updated October 6, 2023

A file host is that on which you can upload a file and then share it with your blog/website visitors and friends .Your visitors can download the file with a specific .

Needs of using a filehost other than your webhost

If you are using shared web hosting then generally you will get following facilities in most of the webhostings .

Unlimited web spaceunlimited webspace

Unlimited bandwidth /Transfer

But in Terms and conditions of all shared hosting plans it is clearly said that if a shared hosting account affects  other  hosting accounts shared on the same server then your hosting account may be suspended .So if you share large files [ more than 10 mb ] and these files are downloaded heavily then it will surely take much more bandwidth and may be possible that the shared server may be overloaded.


If you are on blogspot then you can not upload files other than images and videos.

So it is better if you host your large files on  file sharing systems .

Most of free file hosts have following great disadvantages

  • Waiting time up to 2 minutes
  • Have to enter CAPTCHA text
  • No download resume support
  • No one can download more than one file at a time
  • A novice internet visitor may be confused on download page due to advertises ,CAPTCHA text and time countdown .

Here are some free file hosts offering resume support and parallel downloads


  • It is a clean and feature rich filehostfileden
  • Resume capability for broken downloads
  • Supports parallel downloads
  • Hotlink protection
  • Direct  working link and no separate download page [exclusive feature]

Fileden Home

DataFile Host

  • No signup requireddata file host
  • Supports Download resume
  • Supports parallel downloads
  • No waiting time and no ads

Datafile Host Home


  • It is another good filehostyoushare
  • Supports download resume

Youshare Home


  • Supports parallel Downloads
  • No countdown timeziddu
  • It does not support file transfer resume

Ziddu Home



It has only one good quality for free user is that it supports resume for broken download several time.

Megaupload Home

Notable point

Most of file hosts delete a file if it is not downloaded till one or two months .So you should register on filehost to check the file downloads status instead of anonymous upload.If you find that the file may be deleted due to inactivity then you can yourself download that file once to save it .

Let me know if you have any question about file hosting .Feel free to post a comment .


  • Dear Shariq I have found 2 other file-hosting websites that allow free users once they sign up with them allow Support for resuming up & downloads
    these are:


    i use Mipony download manager but i think it will work with any other download manager, sadly the waiting time to resume download is 15 minutes, well it worth it if you are downloading a 1 gig file and they both offer a huge download limit I believe it was 1 gig.

  • The problem is that , i want to download a lare file from wifi but after some time the downloading file drop and wifi stop the downloading,and have no any resume support to the download on (any) download manager,The file start from begining.and the wifi server not support resume capability.so tell me what can i do for that.i want to download large files but i cant download.Tell me easy process to download a large file.

    My Email for reply ([email protected])

  • hey guys most of the sites he insisted like fileden allows only 100mb of file size per file , data file host only gives 100mb per file, and normally uploaders don’t choose ziddu it may be popular for music and other small size downloads so most of the site its bad but i go with megaupload and there are other sites which are popular and gives freedom like
    here are these which give resume capability with no restriction to file size so use themhappily it may be good news for dial up users who may pause the download when connection ends and if you want to know how to download torrent files with direct link visit my blog

  • karan
    I test rapidshare downloading and I have found no issue.

  • I love megaupload coz it supports broken downloads.The thing that i hate the most is users
    uploading their files in hosting sites like rapidshare and hotfile.

    Hi shariq.I want to ask u a question.I used to download files from rapidshare but know i m not able to download it.
    I think rapidshare has changed their location to cham switzerland and may be coz of their shifting i m not able to download any files.

    If anyone knows its solution then plz email me at
    [email protected]

  • Mohammad Fawzi

    Why did not you mentioned mediafire.com? It is considered one of the best file host that support resume capability and big file size allowed =200mb (for free users) and 2000mb for pro.
    Anyway from the mentioned 4 hosts, I think fileden is the best.

  • Hotfile.Com,FileServe.Com support too.
    Ziddu is bad.I hate this Free File Hosting

    • all file hosting is support resume in download IF and only IF using premium account…but some like megaupload support resume even using free account.

      and hotfile dont support resume in free account…

    • Dear Pumama .
      It may be possible that downloading speed via ziddu is bad .
      Actually ziddu supports parallel downloads and there are only few file host those give this service on free downloads .

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