5 Ways to Catch Cheating Husband From His Phone

Updated October 6, 2023

Relationship is always based on mutual trust but sometime you need to keep eye on your partner before it is too late. One way is to check apps installed in your husband phone that are used for private texting, dating, untraceable calling and sharing private videos and pictures.

Although there are apps available to track wife’s phone and find out what she is doing including knowing her location, web history, texting, social media activity and apps she has installed on her phone. Similar apps can also be used to catch a cheating husband. However, there are some other uncommon ways that he might be using and you should look for it to know if he is cheating on you.

What Are Common Apps Used by Cheating Partners?

Catch Husband Cheating

There are different apps that can be used for private chatting, online dating and different other activities that falls under this category. Lets discuss each app in details.

1. Hidden Apps

The First thing is to look for any hidden app installed on his phone. To do this, go to the phone Settings and search for Hidden Apps. Under the Hidden Apps find any app that your partner has hidden from the Home Screen. Any app added to this section is the app that he don’t want you to know about it. If the app is a well known app and you know its purpose then it is easy for you to decide. However, if the app is not known to you, then a quick search on Google for its name will reveal its purpose.

2. Tinder

Tinder is a well known dating app. Find out if he has install Tinder app on his phone and it is hidden from Home Screen. Most of the unfaithful partner at any stage of life must have used this app to find new partners. If he already had used it in the past, then chances are they that he might still be using it. The only way to find if it is installed on his phone, simply go to the Playstore or iPhone App Store and search its name. If the app is shown as Installed then it is somewhere hidden inside the phone. If it is not yet installed on his phone then you are lucky to have him.

3. 2nd Whastapp

Chances are that your partner may have installed a second whatsapp app using Dual App which allows to have 2 different whatsapp installed on different numbers. In order to find this, you can search for the following Dual Apps in Playstore or iPhone Store to know if he has any such apps installed.

  • Dual Space – Multiple Accounts DUALSPACE
  • Parallel Space – App cloning
  • Multiple Accounts – Dual Space
  • Dual Apps
  • Multi App
  • 2Accounts – Dual Apps Space
  • Super Clone

4. Whatsapp Web

If your partner is technological advance then he might use uncommon technique to stay connected with someone. One of the way he might use is to use Whatsapp Web of a Whatsapp account in a web browser for chatting. To find out go to Google Chrome, Safari or any other Web Browser installed on his phone and access https://web.whatsapp.com, if anything loads inside the browser than you have busted it. Otherwise, you are lucky that he is not involved with anyone.

Make sure to access this address in all the web browsers installed on his phone. Googe Chrome, Safari and Firefox are most common but chances are that your partner is using a web browser that is not common. This way you will be able to catch your husband if he is cheating on it.

5. SIM Plus

This is a very uncommon technique and if this app is installed on your partner phone then it is a clear sign that he is cheating on you. Go to Playstore or iPhone Store and search for SIMPlus app, if it is installed then there must be a physical device near your home Wifi Router. Inside that device there is a SIM Card which is connected with the SIM Plus App for calling and chatting.

You can remove that SIM and use inside your phone to find out who your partner is texting and calling.


These are some of the uncommon ways used by a cheating husband that you can use to find out if he really is cheating on you. It is also worth checking web history of your husband browser to know if there is any suspicious activity and if he is cheating.

However, it is always recommended to talk to your partner to have a strong and healthy relationship. Sometime talking to each other resolves issues which will stop both partners to not cheat on one another.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Catch Husband Cheating Online?

If your husband is busy in his mobile all the time but you don’t see him Online on most of the chatting apps like Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagra then chances are that he is using uncommon and private chatting apps. To find those apps you can look into his phone Settings>Hidden Apps and look for apps that are hidden from Home Screen. These apps are the one he is using without letting you know.

2. How to Catch Cheating Husband Who Deletes Everything?

Most cheaters will always delete chats before handing over the phone to you. In order to catch the deleted chats you can install a spy app on his phone. You can also installed Recover Deleted Chats app on his phone but it must be hidden from him so that he does not know about it. Once he know an app is installed, he might delete it.

3. What are Uncommon Signs of Catching Cheating Husband?

There some uncommon signs that you can notice in your husband if he is cheating on it. The first thing you should notice is if he has locked his mobile phone and does not want you to know its password. Even if he gives you the password but he is always reluctant to give his phone to you.

If by any chance he gives you his phone, he will be standing next to you and asking to return it quickly as he has to make an important call.

Secondly you should notice his behavior while he is eating or setting in the house. If he is always in hurry during eating or other works and immediately makes himself busy in his phone or laptop then chances are he is hiding something from you.

4. How to Catch Cheating Husband from his Laptop?

Your husband can also use his laptop for private chatting, texting and other activities. You can also check his laptop for apps like Whatsapp, Whatsapp Web, Nox and Bluestack. These apps can be used by him for chatting and calling.

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