Typical Mistakes in Website Creation that Will Lead Your Project to Failure

Updated October 6, 2023

Website Design

Typical errors are visible to the naked eye and have a catastrophic impact on the quality of the site. They create a consistent chain that leads to the failure of the site. Error creates any discomfort for the user, the user leaves the site, the company loses potential customers. The result is obvious and it is deplorable. Such errors, which we give below, can form on any site, regardless of its type. So be careful and be sure to analyze your web project, if it is under development or already submitted to you.

Incorrect domain selection

The domain is more than a set of letters. It is the most powerful marketing tool that will help the site to promote and become more recognizable. Therefore, the domain name must be selected wisely. An illogical or incomprehensible word that is not readable or does not symbolize the company, can never help it to increase recognition, and will not bring customers who remember him. In addition, incorrectly selected domain zone can also cause problems in the further promotion of the site.

Technical errors on the site

Bit links annoy and disappoint users when they are searching for information or goods of interest to them. And if there are a lot of them on the site, search engines can poorly rank the site. Therefore, you need to get rid of them with the help of special analytical services.

But not only beat links may be limited to technical problems on the site, also to common technical errors refers:

  • Technical duplicates on the site;
  • Indexed search pages;
  • Lack of CNCs or their incorrect setting;
  • Indexed garbage pages;
  • Generation of pages with 404 errors and redirects on the site;
  • Sticking mirrors of the site with and without www, with http and https;
  • Uncoordinated server and site encoding, etc.

All this affects the quality of the site, its indexing and ease of use. Therefore, it is extremely important to see all the errors, know them (HTTP Status Codes Cheat Sheet may help you) and fix them in time. And it is better that all these errors have been eliminated, or not at all at the stage of site development because if the site will be further promoted in search engines, it will be one of the first works to prepare for promotion.

Errors in site design and usability

Some customers think that the more creative the design is, the better. Therefore, at their request, flash animation and various colors, fonts, photos, and videos get along on one page by some miracle. In fact, it turns out a real mess, which critically affects usability. Site design should be harmonious, colors matching, fonts readable, photo bright and high quality in the right amount. Only in this case, the site creates a holistic picture, creates a user the right impression of the company and becomes a motivator for surfing pages.

Lack of cross-browser

Incorrect display of the site in your browser forces the visitor to close the tab and find another site. As a result: a high failure rate and negative result, which was not expected at all. It is not enough to make a site for one or two of the most popular browsers, because of this there are errors in web design on others. It is necessary to cover all popular and several not too popular web browsers to not miss any target visitor.

Lack of adaptive layout of the site

Mobile users are already so accustomed to the convenient viewing of sites on their tablets and smartphones that when they see a page that does not fit the size of the gadget screen, they just close it. Today, no one will try to look at the fine print on the mobile screen, increasing it and moving the slider to view the entire page of the site. Accordingly, its owner loses customers and, at the same time, significantly reduces its image. The adaptive layout or mobile version of the site is mandatory and not only because of the reduction of the company’s image, but also to keep the site in issue.

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