Top Apps For Following Your Favorite Sports

Updated October 6, 2023

Sports and technology have always co-operated in each other’s growth. While technology is slowly becoming part of sports, with more computerized systems being introduced in a variety of athletic activities, sports have always been at the center of technological advancements. The invention of the smartphone has benefitted sports fans incredibly due to the plethora of new applications and features that will let fans be updated in real-time of the latest news in all the following disciplines. There are in fact some apps which any real sports fan must have in order to follow the latest developments, which we will be going over shortly.

For starters, it is a no brainer to download your own team or club’s official mobile app, if there is one at least. Many clubs do have an official app, but only a minority are active and interact with it with those who have downloaded this app. It really is a shame as being in contact with your fanbase is something one could only dream about merely a decade ago, so this is an incredible chance to interact with your loyal followers. Giveaways and other fun activities can be organized throughout said app to make supporting the club a more enjoyable experience overall, apart from sharing through good and bad times together!

Another important application which smartphone users should have on their phone is live score apps. Be it applications dedicated for only one sport or another which caters for all is only up to the individual, but live score apps are definitely a must-have to be updated on the fly on any score changes. These apps can also be consulted regularly to either get an overview of the current form of any given team or to check out upcoming fixtures and make plans regularly. Heaven knows how many times I had to cancel a plan upon learning an important game for my team was happening on that night!

Another type of app is a betting apps. Like the live score apps, they update results and live scores throughout the game. You can even watch certain events on them as long as you make the minimum bet on particular matches. A much cheaper alternative to the expensive cable or satellite services you pay for. Although you won’t get all the big games you’re used to, it’s still not bad, getting access to live events for a few pennies here and there, you can begin by reaserching these type of sites on SportsbookReview.

If we’re talking about football now, it is a good thing to have a service provider app that will permit you to enjoy live games on your own smartphone. There are plenty of services that offer different combinations of top European leagues, or even single league services, so the choice is really up to the consumer. Using a similar app will obviously have a toll on any mobile data balances one needs to take care of, meaning a live score app would do fine in most cases, but if final crops up and you absolutely cannot afford missing an event, you have your backup solution already in your own hands!

Switching to Basketball now it would be unfair if we did not mention the official NBA Application. The NBA app can be completely personalized to reflect your own preferences, meaning you can assign your favorite team and receive updates and latest news directly to the NBA app; this is extremely handy when you need to not only check your own team’s news but also sneak around other teams’ latest happenings. The best part of the NBA app is that if you have a League Pass subscription, you can watch live games directly on your own phone! This is similar to the football league offer we talked about earlier, meaning this will help you never miss your favorite team’s games ever again!

Tennis is also a good beneficiary of mobile apps, and the ATP Tour App is particularly high up on the list of apps one needs to have if they follow competitive Tennis with a keen eye. This app will provide users with fresh information about players, stats, and customized news according to the user’s preferences, meaning they will have an experienced tailor-made for themselves. You can obviously check out other stats and news on the app itself, but ticking some preferences will help you get what you care for first. There is also a Live Streaming App for the ATP World Tour which will permit you to watch live games on the go, against a subscription fee of course. Tennis games can be quite lengthy and so you cannot really plan on whether you’ll be able to go out for drinks with your mates when a tennis match is in a nearby time slot. With the Live Streaming App that will no longer be a worry as you can go meet up with your friends and have the game streaming on your phone, so you do not miss a swing.

As mentioned previously, sports have incredibly benefited from technology, and it is not difficult to see why given the multitude of applications and features simply available to smartphones. This integration is already at a stage where a smartphone is practically needed to keep up with the news. Who still is not an owner of a smartphone is definitely missing out!

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