15+ Amazing Chromebook Apps

Updated October 6, 2023

Good feedback from the customers has boosted the search giant Google to develop the Chromebook. The popularity and sales graph of Chromebooks is touching the high sky. If you are one of those many who have gone with Chromebook, then chances are high that you are desperately looking for good apps to use in your Chromebook. The Chrome App store has got many good apps which cover almost all of your desires. Well, finding good Chromebook apps to use in your Chromebook, is a time-consuming task. But you don’t need to do so, as you have landed on the right page. Here I am up with the list of best apps for your Chromebook.

1# Kindle Cloud Reader

Kindle Cloud Reader

Got a new ebook on your Amazon Kindle and want to read it, but don’t have device with you? Frustrated? Kill your frustration by accessing that ebook from your Chromebook by using this amazing app on it. You can use this app to read Kindle books in your browser. The best part is that you can start reading exactly from the same point where you left it on your Amazon Kindle.

2# Pandora


Listen to your favorite artist on Chromebook using this app. If you don’t like any particular track, then you can simply skip it. And if you like any, then you can add it into your favorites list for fast and easy access.

3# PicMonkey


Love to edit the photos? If this is so, then PicMonkey is the app meant for you. It lets you edit the pictures and add cool effects in them. Picture editing becomes simple and hell lot of fun containing task, when you do it with PicMonkey.

4# Box


Cloud storage is what is useful everyone. Box lets you enjoy 5GB free cloud storage on your Chromebook. 5GB free space is quite good, right? If not, you can opt for various plans that Box has got for you.

5# The Weather Channel for Chrome

The Weather Channel for Chrome

Interested in knowing about the weather of the city you are living in? Use this app on your Chromebook and get the complete weather report about any location. Not only current weather condition, but you can check the weather forecast as well. The simple and intuitive user interface makes the app easy to use.

6# Evernote Web

Evernote Web1

Just came across something great while on the move, and you don’t want to lost it? Evernote Web is there to help you. This app is the best to save all important info that you come across with. You can save and organize the text, audio files and PDFs in well=structured manner. If you want to access any of stored file, then just do a fast search by keyboard. No need to search manually.

7# Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope

Want to do exercise of your brain? Well, it’s good idea to do so, as it keeps you active. Cut the Rope lets you complete your desire. It is the popular puzzle game that you might have played already, as it is available for almost all smartphones. The concept of the game is simple. You need to feed an adorable monster. The tasty candy is in front of him. You need to make a way for candy to reach monster.

8# TweetDeck


This is must to have in your Chromebook if you are a die-hard fan of Twitter. This amazing app lets you organize your Twitter feed in the way you want. You can also schedule your tweets to make them go live at any particular set time.

9# HeapNote Student 

HeapNote Student

Is your academic career going on? If yes is your call, then you must not miss this app on your Chromebook. You can use this app to organize all of your study material such as notes, exam grades etc. You can access the stored material with ease.

10# Mint


The highly popular finance app is available for Chromebook as well. You can use this app to track all of your bank accounts. You can track the incoming and outgoing sources for money. By having that knowledge, you can get an idea that how could you save maximum money so as to setup base for good future.

11# Google News

Google News

Do you rely on web to stay updated with the latest happenings in every field of life? Instead of accessing all news websites and downloading separate apps, install this single one. Google News is the best way to stay updated with the latest happenings worldwide. You can enjoy the amazing service of Google by having this app on your Chromebook.

12# SoundCloud


Bring the power of most popular cloud music service on your Chromebook by downloading this app. If you are one of those many who believe in the saying ‘Music is Soul of Life’, then you must download and install this app on your Chromebook.

13# TV for Google Chrome

TV for Google Chrome

Want to watch TV on your Chromebook? TV for Google Chrome is meant for you. It lets you watch live TV on your Chromebook with single click. The channels are organized into categories and Countries, making it simple for you to access your favorite ones.

14# Pixlr Editor

Pixlr Editor

Pixlr lets users edit their pictures. This popular online photo editor is available for Chromebook as well. It comes with a no. of tools, that you can use to edit your photos. This app comes with simple user interface. So, you don’t need to be any photography expert to use it.

15# HootSuite


If you are social media addict, then HootSuite is must to have in your Chromebook. It lets you schedule and publish to your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. You can stay updated with ‘what’s trending’ on social media and can also track  behavior of your connections on social media.

16# Google Chat

Google Chat

Use this app on your Chromebook to stay connected with your contacts in your Google Account. You can use this app to do text, audio and video chat with your contacts.

Author Bio:- This is Guest article written by Raj web designer, content writer, blogger from techpepe

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