Top 5 LinkedIn Apps you can use for Your Business

Updated October 6, 2023

LinkedIn is one of the most effective (and dare I say underrated) place when it comes to online business networking, focusing entirely on business professionals. At LinkedIn, you can create a professional profile and connect with colleagues, peers, contemporaries, business clients, and cohorts alike. Your LinkedIn profile is more of an online resume that you can present to your potential employers or prospective clients. It is a great place to find new business leads and get referrals. And then you’ve got number of Apps to enhance the functionality.

Following are some Apps that I’ve personally used and found quite useful.

1). Blog Link

Have a blog? This one is a must for bloggers; use this application to connect your blog to your LinkedIn profile. The application automatically updates your LinkedIn profile with any latest blog post. Blog Link can fetch posts not only from your own blog but also from the blogs in your network. This app can attract new targeted readers, and most of them are entrepreneurs, which means, you can actually win new customers by showcasing your expertise for your targeted customers, without having the need of spamming their inbox with business proposals.


2) Files

This one seems like a pretty basic application but it can prove to be extremely nifty. Files allows you to store files and also share them with your LinkedIn contacts in a very simple manner. The application is handy for employees or freelance workers, who are looking to share their resume or work, sharing important documents or reports with your clients, or share some presentation with your peers. The application support almost all commonly used file types.


3). Huddle Workspaces

The name says it all; Huddle Workspaces is a group of tools that you can use for effective team management, without leaving the LinkedIn platform. You can create teams by choosing the team members from your contact lists and come up with a different (virtual) workspace for each of your teams, while restricting other contacts from stealing a look at information they are not meant to see. There are other features as well, for example you can easily create or edit files and then post it on any of these workspace for team members to see, furthermore, you can sync it with a account.


4). My Travel

No matter how For consultants, speakers, traders who need to travel a lot, My Travel will let you stay on the ball with traveling plans of your friends, colleagues, peers or anybody from your network, so that you won’t miss when some of your friend, client, cohort, or anybody you’d like to meet in person is in your city (or vice versa). My Travel is a handy app for frequent travelers (or those who have frequent travelers in their network) to keep track.


5). Tweets

Anything related to twitter is an automatic addition to a list like this; such is the popularity of twitter. “Tweets app” for LinkedIn allows you to sync your Twitter account with your LinkedIn profile. Tweet, reply, or re-tweet from your LinkedIn profile, simply through this App, because it also allows you to go through your contact’s tweets.


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  • Fabrizio Van Marciano

    I use the bloglink on Linkedin its a great tool, nice suggestions thanks for sharing.

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