Top 8 TikTok Video Ideas to Gain Followers

Updated October 6, 2023

It is hard to predict which new social media will die and which will blow up and bring us few new talents next. We all remember long lost Vine, which was a hit of its time. Nowadays, the place of №1 platform for teens and youngsters takes Tik Tok.

TikTok videos blew up the internet at one point, and even the biggest YouTube and Instagram stars started creating fun videos on TikTok. But why has this platform become so popular in the first place? The answer is easy: like Vine, TikTok offered its users to create easy, short (not more than one minute)videos like Instagram stories but better. Originally they were all lip-syncing videos, but now you can find any kind of content here.

Creators on TikTok do not need to follow conservative social media rules to become popular and get the following: YouTube’s rule for at least 10-minute videos to be recognized by an algorithm, and Instagram’s short life-span stories that live only 24-hours.

And of course, the main reason for the platform’s popularity is music. YouTube and Instagram really restrict your ability to use licensed music in your content, but TikTok made its name on it.

So thanks to the platform’s flexibility, nowadays, TikTok stats look incredible: it has over 1 billion users from 150 countries, and it seems that the platform will grow only bigger over time.

TikTok After 5 Years

How to make a TikTok video

Before we start looking through the ideas, let’s look at how you can create and edit videos on TikTok.

You can use your phone and in-built TikTok program to shoot a video, but it is okay only when you want to make it in one shot.

For more professional videos, it is better to edit them: trim, crop, give filters, transitions like here. When you make all the needed edits, send the video on your phone and add it to your TikTok profile. Now you can upload it for the whole world to see!

TikTok should become an essential part of your social media strategy because it is just inescapable in today’s world. So if you want to become the next TikTok star, let’s look at what kind of videos will help you get as many followers as possible.

8 Ideas for entertaining TikTok videos


Viral social media challenges are the way many of the top influencers gained their following. Find what’s trending right now and create videos on this topic. You can also create your own challenges if you can foresee what will become popular next: as it happened with earworm songs. Use TikTok hashtags to inspire others to recreate your challenge, and you’ll be on top!

Collaborate with others

TikTok influencers usually got their following rapidly after becoming famous overnight. If you have a nice idea or decent following, some of them will collaborate with you to create new viral content. For example, you can participate in one of the numerous viral TikTok dances.

You can use your creativity and collaboration to bring up an important topic like it was with Ice Bucket Challenge. Or just make fun content for your and their followers to enjoy.


“Don’t try this at home” videos are so popular because TikTok followers are just humans, and we all want to know what will happen in this or that situation. So, if you have a proper education and know what to do, you can recreate awesome and safe experiments to show them to your audience.

But please, do only SAFE experiments that are allowed to be shown to children.

Show your unique abilities.

You can impress people not only with your brilliant wit but with the abilities of your body. If you are into gymnastics, cheerleading, athletics, or any other sports, you can demonstrate the challenges you meet on your way to success.

Make sure that you use TikTok hashtags to give people the opportunity to see your talents!

Use your professional background.

TikTok is a serious social media nowadays, and it should be a part of your digital strategy. However, you can use social media marketing for your job and show off your skills on TikTok. For example, if you are a graphic designer, you can create videos about Photoshop, Indesign, or other tools you use.

Or, if you are a dietitian, share a recipe or two of healthy and low-calorie pizza because God is our witness, we all need it!


Another way to use your skills is to create tutorials. If you have a background in makeup, show simple everyday looks that are easy to recreate. If you are an expert in social media marketing, make a tutorial on how to create a viral post for social media or a content strategy.

How-tos are helpful, and people can spend hours watching simple tutorials on TikTok and even recreate them by themselves.

Workouts and fitness content

We have an abundance of fitness-related content on other social media platforms, you may say. You’re right, but one-minute videos on TikTok can actually be a blessing for extra busy people. You can also highlight your YouTube videos in short TikToks and make people follow you on both platforms.

Easy and fun workouts will force people to stand up, make a move and get that boost of endorphins we all lack in our life. In return, you will get new followers!


Creating any kind of art on TikTok will get you massive positive feedback. You can speed-run a long process of making an art piece or make a short tutorial for DIYs. You can combine these types of videos with ASMR and calming compilations: people love the satisfying factor of somebody creating art.

In conclusion

To create amazing TikTok content, you need only your creativity and phone. Dozens of top TikTok influencers proved that you can find the audience that will listen to you if you have something to say to people.

And with a simple dash of creativity, you will make something absolutely incredible that will make you the next big thing on TikTok. Good luck!

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