5 Tips to Speed Up Windows XP

Updated October 6, 2023

There is no doubt that Windows XP must be the Operating System which is used by most of the Computer users. It is really hard for the Microsoft even to break the chain as the latest release Windows 7 is not as successful as XP. XP has many advantages which is keeping it still the number one Windows version OS still. There will be definitely some disadvantages if you have some bunch of advantages this is applicable to all the things. There are few complaints from the users about the performance of the OS as the users feel that XP is bit slowly at times. However after making some tweaks and optimizing your windows xp you can experience more benefits. There are few things and ways which can help you out really to make XP work speed. Let me list out those here,

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speed up windows xp

1. Use Folder Browsing effectively:

You must have noted a small delay when you open my computer to look at your folders. This is because when you open my computer XP searches for printers and other devices attached each and every time so it takes some time. Just do the below things to deactivate it and make XP work faster,

Go to your my Computer and click Tools menu

Go to the Folder options and then to the View tab.

Uncheck “Automatically search for network folders and printers” check box and click OK.

Do not forget to reboot the system

2. Do not use Indexing Services:

You must have heard about the search option in your XP which works using the indexing concept. When you search for a file XP automatically searches all the indexed files and brings the results. This leads to some good amount of system RAM usage so uncheck this option if you do not use search option often.

Note: Without this option also searching is still possible.

Go to Control Panel and open Add/Remove Programs. Navigate to Add/Remove Window Components and Uncheck the Indexing services.

3. Effectively use your Memory:

Do not dump your memory with unwanted and unused files as it can really harm your XP’s running speed. I would suggest you to use cacheman (http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/Cacheman/982371189/1) to optimize the memory cache which can really help your XP to run fast.

4. Desktop Picture:

This may seems to look silly but it is fact. Do not use images with high memory spaces as backgrounds as it can consume memory which can affect the loading speed. I would recommend you to use the default XP background screen.

5. Pagefile Optimization:

If you define a pagefile size then it becomes easy for the XP as it need not resize it every time.

Right click my computer and then go to the advanced tab in the properties. Then navigate to the advanced tab and choose settings under the Performance.  Now again select the advanced tab and select change under virtual memory. The pagefile size can be 1.5 X your left over memory size. If you have less than 512MB memory then leave the default pagefile size.

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Author Bio:- This post is written by Praveen. My recent shares are n97 themes and windows 7 themes collections.


  • Syed Qasim

    Great tips for Windows Xp users. Now i’m using windows 8.

  • Nice tips for XP.. thanks for the post 🙂

  • Bilal Ahmad

    A.Tatum@ Thanks for adding the tip.

  • Sathish @ TechieMania

    Hi Praveen, Thanks for providing a useful list of tips. I am still using windows XP in my system and these tips will really be useful for me. Thanks again.

  • A. Tatum

    Another good tip is removing services from the start menu your not don’t need. Good list.

  • some fine tips, you can also deactivate some services if you’re familiar with it.

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