The ease of monitoring Employees is nowhere else than with Xnspy

Updated October 6, 2023

If you are a businessman, then you would know that controlling more than one office at a time is not at all a child’s play. You need to give full concentration to one particular office otherwise any attempt to try and run all offices simultaneously could result in not even a single office producing the desired results. Well, Guess what? I have good news for all of you. Now all the employers out there can control as many offices as they want all by themselves. All they need is Xnspy mobile phone spy, with the help of which they can monitor all their employees’ activities whenever and from wherever they wish to.

What is Xnspy?


Xnspy is a mobile phone spy that tells you the exact location of your employee at any time you want. Xnspy is a really small application and covers very less space in your employee’s cell phone. Another plus with this spy software is that it is totally undetectable and your employee will never know about its presence in their phone. Once Xnspy is installed in your employee’s phone, you can access all the data in their cell phone by logging into your Xnspy account.

Compatible phones:

This cell phone spy is compatible with a number of phones across different companies. These include:

  • All the HTC, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, LG, Dell, Acer and other phones having an Android operating system 2.3 and going as high as the latest 5.1.1.
  • All the iPhone models having an operating system of 6.0 or higher than that. This includes all latest models from the iPhone 3 series, iPhone 4 series, iPhone 5 series and the latest iPhone 6 series.

Amazing features:

ease of monitoring Employees

With some really amazing monitoring features, Xnspy provides you:

  • With the exact location of your employee at any given time. This feature works with the help of the GPS in your employee’s cell phone.
  • Access to all the contact numbers in your employee’s mobile Phonebook.
  • Access to all the calls dialed and received on your employee’s cell phone with the time and duration of each call. You also have the option to record a particular call or record all the calls if you want to.
  • Access to all the SMS messages sent and received by your employee. You can also view the messages saved in drafts and even the deleted messages.
  • The facility to record the surroundings of your employee’s cell phone at any time you want. This feature is a personal favorite of most users and is known as “Record Surroundings”.
  • Access to all the e-mails of your employee.

Such ease:

Xnspy mobile phone spy

With the help of this brilliant software you can control a massive number of offices all by yourself by just sitting in your chair and accessing your Xnspy account. No other mobile phone spy app helps you monitor your employee with such ease as Xnspy does.

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