Top 6 Best Steam Deck Accessories to Buy Under $50 – 2024

Updated December 23, 2023

The Steam Deck is a fantastic piece of equipment without a doubt. It can play a huge variety of PC games on the go, resulting in the best and amazing PC gaming experience. The Steam Deck is an extremely adaptable tool.

A 65W charger and a sturdy carrying case are included in the box. Most people won’t need more than these accessories, however other individuals might like to just add a few more to their Steam Deck Accessories to maximize its capabilities.

Here is a list of the top best Steam Deck accessories under $50 that one should have in their collection.

What is Steam Deck

Players can use steam deck to gain access and to utilize their Steam-based game collection without using a standard PC. It is a lot more convenient and an efficient option. SteamOS, Valve’s operating  system that is Linux based, is used on the Valve Steam Deck.

It resembles a Nintendo Switch. Players are able to connect it to a TV or to the monitor and pair controllers, mouse, or even keyboards with it.

It can play Windows-specific games and offers the ability to pause and resume play, just like any other easy or portable gaming systems.

How Effectively Does the Steam Deck Operate?

The Steam Deck is renowned for running games smoothly, though performance can vary with regard to the settings that you select and the games that you prefer to play.

Based on the image resolution settings, some reviews from Tom’s Hardware claimed that games played between 30 FPS or 60 FPS continued without any stuttering.

Which Video Games Work with the Steam Deck?

The list of different games are consistently updated by Valve to function properly on the Steam Deck. Other games might also function, but the ones with a green checkmark next to their names on the list are the ones you should play.

There may be a yellow “i” right next to the title of certain other games, indicating that they are also playable but might have some problems.

What is the battery capacity of a Steam Deck?

The Steam Deck’s battery capacity varies, based on your usage, just like it does with other portable devices. Games with higher graphical settings tend to be a bit more demanding and to drain the battery quite faster.

The battery span of some of the newest games might last for 90 minutes, whereas independent games with lower requirements could easily last for 6-7 hours.

List Best Steam Deck Accessories

Provided below is the list of the items which are unquestionably the top best steam deck accessories which will elevate your gaming experience.

These items are all under $50 and every accessory give the Steam Deck a value.

1. Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Steam Deck Screen Protector Under $50

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This 9H Hardness Tempered Glass Screen Protector is a perfect accessory for any Steam Deck user. This includes auto alignment installation kit, preserves its original brightness and use of Oleophobic coating which prevents fingerprints and oils or any other liquid.

The feeling on the touch screen is just like on its original screen because of its responsiveness. You will not experience any reflective glare issue when using this protector.

2. PlayVital Back Button Enhancement & Thumb Grips for Steam Deck

Steam Deck Back Buttons

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You’ll need to few additional thumb grip pads if the thumb sticks that you use aren’t grippy enough to manage the strong on-screen action while you’re playing.

There are many choices available for this. The PlayVital Thumb Grips fit many gamers. The soft and pleasant non-slip, sweat-proof silicone gripping cover makes it easier to manage the device by easing hand and the thumb strain.

The handle cover is a perfect fit for the Steam Deck joystick and offers reliable defence from scuffs, dirt, and other harm. Users can personalize the device by choosing from a variety of colour combinations and cover alternatives that are available.

The grip cover easily and effortlessly gets installed and removed. The tiny and snug-fitting design of the Thumbstick reduces the chance of dropping it during prolonged gaming sessions.

3. Steam Deck Case – SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series

Pro Series Case for Steam Deck

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Although the Steam Deck is a sturdy piece of technology, there is still a chance that it won’t withstand an accident. When using a high-value object, it is always advised to use a protective case to shield the item from accidents like falls. And SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro is one of the best top steam deck accessories.

To buy the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Case would be a wise decision because it provides good protection from drops or bumps. Additionally, the case is made to offer quick and simple access to all ports, sensors, and buttons while fitting precisely. The headphone jack and charging port are both easily reachable.

It’s ideal for gamers who frequently play for extended periods of time and need excellent protection and a secure grip. This case is a wise purchase for anyone who wishes to protect their Steam Deck because it fits perfectly and allows simple and access to every port.

4. iVoler Dock for Steam Deck

iVoler Docking Station for Steam Deck

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If you wish to utilize your Steam Deck for anything other than mobile gaming, then a multiport dock is a need. By connecting the appropriate peripherals, you can use Steam Deck like any desktop computer in its desktop mode.

By merely attaching the iVoler Dock with just one cable to the Type-C USB port on the Steam Deck, six extra ports are made available.

The iVoler Steam Deck capacity to charge Steam Deck at fast speed is among its most outstanding features.

When coupled with the actual charger, the docking station’s 100W the optimum power is sufficient to fully charge your Steam Deck, this is among many other reasons why it is the top steam deck accessory under $50.

5. SanDisk 256GB Extreme MicroSDXC UHS-I Memory Card

SanDisk Memory Card for Steam Deck

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There are three storage capacities for the Steam Deck: 64 gigabytes, 256 gigabytes, and 512 gigabytes. Installing games with huge file sizes can cause memory or issues.

The main issue comes in the internal memory of the device, and it fills up quickly. Utilizing MicroSD cards, which the Steam Deck has a slot for and can accept cards up till 1 TB in size, is a very efficient and easy way to extend the storage capacity of the device.

If you will opt for cards that are large for storing the game files, a lot of games will run smoothly. The SanDisk Extreme SDXC card is certified A2 for quicker loading and in-app functionality in addition to rapid transfer rates.

6. JSAUX Screen Protector for Steam Deck

JSAUX 2-Pack Steam Deck Screen Protector

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For those who are utilizing a touchscreen device, a screen protector is a need, this is one of the most important and best steam deck accessories. The 7-inches touchscreen on the Steam Deck is particularly susceptible to scratches and smudges.

The gorgeous display will be shielded from all of these damages and other issues by using a screen protector.

A perfect fit is guaranteed by the guide frame on the JSAUX tempered glass protection layer. Your device will be completely covered from all sides, leaving no exposed regions, because of the to edge-to-edge protection.


The well-made Steam Deck has everything one needs to operate correctly. The addition of accessories increases Steam Deck’s capability and increases its adaptability as a product. These top best steam deck accessories under $50 is evidence of that.

Even by itself, the Steam Deck is a highly adaptable handheld console. The other capabilities of Steam Deck, that includes desktop setting, support for external PCs, Gigabit Ethernet access, and much more, can only be used when all these accessories are attached. Together, these factors raise the quality of the Steam Deck and improve your experience.

FAQs for Steam Deck Accessories

1. How can I improve my Steam Deck?

The Steam Deck probably won’t perform the way you want it to perform if you attempt to play games on high settings. Try reducing the graphics a little. Although a lot of people didn’t find this to be particularly important, many others at the same time claim that lowering the settings can improve the experience. You can also install custom boot animation on your steam deck.

2. Does Steam Deck get heated?

The Steam Deck is no doubt a fantastic device. But it also gets very hot. You should absolutely take action in order to stop the overheating and notice the cause of it and try to cater that.

3. How robust is Steam Deck?

The Steam Deck from Valve is a strong, adaptable gaming handheld which feels wonderful and enables you to play games easily. Just be aware that some of the games might not function flawlessly. But that doesn’t mean its not a thing to buy, you will love its performance and if the accessories mentioned above are added to it, its icing on the cake.

4. How does accessories change gaming experience?

With these add-ons, you can make a great deal of your Steam Deck and you can literally change the way you play games for good. You can either get any one or all of the accessories mentioned above, depending how you use your steam deck.

5. Is Internet required for Steam Deck?

You should be online if you want to install the games, similarly if you are interested in playing online multiplayer games. Once your game is downloaded you can play it offline on the steam deck but of course if your game needs an internet connection then you need to have internet access.

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