The Digital Newton’s Cradle: What You Should Be Doing Online To Keep Your Mind Focussed

Updated October 6, 2023

Staying focussed and switched on at work can be difficult. There are only so many spreadsheets that can be stared at, and there is only so long you can listen to someone go off topic in a meeting. That’s why it’s important, no matter what line of work you’re in, to stay switched on, stress-free and calm.

Once upon a time we’d have the Newton’s Cradle to try and achieve that. Balls knocking each other from side to side, performing a mild distraction. Today we have the entire internet, and there are some brilliant, and indeed entertaining, ways in which you can use it to stay switched on.

Keep Your Mind Focussed

Playing Poker

Probably not the first thing you were expecting to hear, but poker is a brilliant game to keep the mind focussed as there are so many elements to it.

Now, we’re not saying you should be gambling when you’re bored at work, but playing a free play game to eat your mind thinking again is a worthwhile task.

Sites such as in Canada have a huge range of casino games available to play, while you’ll generally find excellent sites highlighting the best casinos a country has to offer everywhere.

Poker will make you think on your feet, quickly analyse probability and outcomes, and work under pressure. Ideal traits for everyday working environments.

Listen To Podcasts

Many people listen to music while at work, which can often lead to drifting off, but having a stream of podcasts in which to listen to will almost include you as part of a conversation, which can be particularly useful for solitary working.

What’s even better, is listening to industry podcasts to gain valuable insight while working.

There are hundreds of amazing podcasts out there to listen to, with many ideal for work too.

This link highlights some of the more popular at the moment:


Sudoku has long been a phenomenon and plenty have developers have taken it from the paper-based format, to online.

Sudoku is incredibly good for your mind as it encourages you to think logically, really refreshing your mind.

Once completed it also gives you a sense of accomplishment and confidence, which can then be taken into your work.

It’s why many people play sudoku on their journeys to work, but it is well worth playing during a spare five minutes while at work too.

Web Sudoku has thousands you can play to suit all abilities, and many of which you can print off too!

Take An Off-Topic Quiz

Many of us don’t take our minds off work all day, even when we’re taking lunch, so five minutes away from your tasks when you’re lagging can make all the difference.

While many might want to get some fresh air or take some time away from a screen, playing an off-topic quiz can also provide a quick bit of fun to get the brain functioning properly again.

What’s more, it can be a good idea to send the same quiz to colleagues and start a competition. Not only will it provide everyone with a small amount of downtime, it can also be a really useful team building exercise.

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