A Complete Guide to buying your first RC Truck

Updated October 6, 2023

RC Trucks

If you are new to RC Truck racing and worried about deciding which kind of truck to buy then this guide is all that you need. We have covered some of the best RC trucks available in the market so far, along with all their features and specifications.

Choosing the Perfect RC Truck:

In order to choose the best RC truck for yourself, you have to get familiar with some of the basic terminologies of RC Trucks. They are described;


The general definition of a chassis is that it is a frame of structure on which a wheeled vehicle is built. Although RC cars are usually built on frames which are usually made of Steel, on the other hand RC Trucks are commonly built on aluminum or plastic chassis as they are lighter in weight.


4 Wheel Drive; if you are adventuresome and want to drive your truck on difficult terrains then you should make sure that your RC truck has 4 WD.


It is the ratio of the actual truck to the smaller RC truck model.


You should inquire about your RC truck before buying that does it takes batteries, if so which type of batteries it needs e.g. AA, AAA etc. Also, check that is it rechargeable or not.


You can find the charger symbol on the packings if your RC Truck has got rechargeable batteries. This means that the truck runs on batteries which can be recharged easily.


Before buying your new RC Truck you should check its dimensions that is how big is your truck.

Before buying any model of RC Trucks we recommend you to check these properties thoroughly.  Now that you learned a bit about the basic stats that are important for buying any RC Truck. we have described some of our top picks for top 10TrailTrucks which are one of the best RC Trucks you can lay your hands on.

Exceed Monster Truck:

This RC truck is one of the best RC trucks available. It comes with an Aluminum chassis, charger, 4WD, 1:10 scale, no external batteries and have dimensions of 15.8×9.8×6.3-inches. This is a very combativetruck which is ideal for off-roading as it does exceptionally well on tough terrains. It comes with beautiful wheels which are chrome-plated. It is a very durable machine havingreal bumpers on front and back for protection. The shocks are adjustable which makes it perfect truck for off-roading.

ToyPark Off-Road RC:

It is the best RC Truck to consider if you are looking for some great off-roading experience without spending too much. It comes with a plastic chassis, 4WD, 1:10 scale, charger, no extra batteries and have dimensions of 10.6×5.5×6.5’’.

DeeXop RC Truck:

This sturdy RC Tuck comes with an Aluminum chassis, external (AA) as well as rechargeable batteries, 1:12 scale, 10.2×13.4×4.7’’ dimensions but no 4WD. This truck is great for racing.

Dromida Brushless RTR Buggy:

This RC Truck requires no assemblage it is a well-equipped RC Truck for big speeds and crazy moves. It comes with an Aluminum chassis, 4WD, 1:18 scale, external as well as rechargeable batteries and have dimensions of 10.2×7.2×3.9-inches.

Novcolxya 4WD RC:

This RC truck can be described as an indoor safe and outdoor-ready type of truck. it comes with an aluminum chassis, 4WD, 1:18 scale, external along with rechargeable batteries and have 11.4×6.5×4.7’’ dimensions.

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