The Best Sports Betting Strategies in 2022

Updated October 6, 2023

Today, online sports betting continues to dominate as more people become interested in these online games and acquaint themselves with the knowledge of how to bet and get more money.

If you are a beginner in sports betting, you need to ensure that you’re using your money to your advantage and not flushing it down the drain. Here are the top sports betting strategies to help you get started.

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Don’t Skip the Moneyline

Moneyline betting is one of the easiest games to bet on, especially when you’re a beginner. You need to choose a winner, making it an easier betting game to research, like Betway. Additionally, Moneyline betting is less risky. It’s as simple as when the team you chose wins, you also win betting money.

A word of advice: don’t skip the Moneyline simply because it’s too basic. You’re missing out on an opportunity to win substantial profit when you skip this betting game. Moreover, Moneyline betting works in various sports, such as baseball, tennis, and football.

Focus on A Single Team

While focusing on a single team can be a simple idea, it becomes a powerful strategy that earns you more profit than knowing too much about several teams. The more knowledge you have about a certain team, the more you’ll understand the team’s value, which can help establish your strategy in betting for them.

When you’re an expert on the team you’re betting on, you’re always updated with the team’s current trends and important news that can affect the players’ gameplay and performance. Additionally, you can gain the entire value, especially for smaller non-marquee leagues, when you discover something before the bookmakers change lines.

Don’t Bet More When On Streak

Several bettors, even professional ones, lose their winnings because they decide to bet more simply because they are on a roll, constantly winning. While you may be on a winning streak, it does not imply that you’ll win again in your next game. Continue to bet with the same amount of money at all times to stay safe and not lose too much money when you suddenly lose.

Handicap Your Moves

This special strategy is good for all types of season moves, allowing you to stay on top of the latest news of your chosen team to bet on. Certain moves like:

  1. A team losing a star player to a free agency.
  2. Hiring an exceptional or a bad main coach.
  3. A team player getting a key injury can affect the team’s overall game performance.
  4. Pitchers and teams involved in training camps’ quarterback battles to improve their performance.

These moves are likely to happen in a year in any sport, especially NBA, MLB, NHL, and NFL. You can beat the bookmakers and know better which team to bet on when you know inside information like this.

Betting on The Middle

Betting on the middle or middling happens when a punter bets an early point spread before the line moves. Middling opportunities also arise when you discover a significant point spread difference on the same game while line shopping.

This betting strategy allows you to place your bet on the opposite team during your first wager and still win after exploiting the current line change.

Choose Your Betting Strategy Wisely

Now that you know the famous betting strategies, you can make a more informed bet and win the money you deserve. By constantly learning, you can win big and even develop a betting strategy of your own.

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