Save Your Precious Life Moments With Movavi Video Editor

Updated October 6, 2023

Made a video at 12 in night of a friend’s surprise birthday party, but can’t really use it because of its bad quality due to the absence of sufficient lights? Don’t worry such problems can now be easily solved with Movavi video editor. It will help you do away with all the problems we face when either we have a bad phone with poor camera or poor lighting or for that matter, we the video is made in a lot of hassle and has poor sound quality too. With Movavi video editor you can do a lot more than your normal camera editor will allow you to. It’s totally great for transforming a poor video into a better one which can therefore be used more often and widely.

Movavi Video Editor

Features of Movavi video editor:

Movavi video editor offers a wide range of amazing features. You can easily make your own movies, improve video quality, add various special effects, split crop and join movies, add music and titles, create slideshows as fast as in 5 minutes, import and save 2D and 3D videos in any format, capture video from camcorders, TV- tuners and VHS, record video and much more.
Concerned about how to flip a video? You can flip a video file as in image files from right to left, upside down, any way you want. This clearly shows that a lot is being offered by Movavi video recorder. Its features clearly show that it is the easiest programme for making stunning videos.

App statistics:

• Updated: 09 September 2014
• Version: 5.0.0
• Size: 42.8 MB
• Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

How to can buy it?

If you doubt whether you will like the app or not, then you can be sure as you can first buy it’s trial version which will work for the first 7 days and then you can be really sure whether you really want to purchase it or not. This also shows the credibility of this app. One can buy this with credit card or pay pal. After purchase one immediately receives an activation message in our email.


I was very irritated with the poor quality of my phone camera and moreover all the videos made of lectures in the classroom used to be very unclear with an echo which would disrupt the video throughout. This problem of mine was sorted by Movavi video editor. It offered me a wide range of solutions to my problem and hence helped me hear and see all my recorded videos very clearly. I have been using it for quite some time now and I am extremely satisfied with the quality it offers. It is a must for all those who face any kind of regular problems with their videos. It has also made transferring my videos from one source to another very easy. I love this app and is surely a game changer for those who have to deal a lot with videos. I would recommend this app to all who want to enjoy the highest video quality!

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