The Best Online Payment Methods to Keep Your Account Safe

Updated October 6, 2023

Mobile Payments

The need to be safe online is of paramount importance in the modern era. A huge portion of our daily activities take place online, especially when it comes to managing and spending our money. There have been many news pieces circulate in the past which concern people losing money via the internet, which is why the now-savvy internet user turns to the most trusted and safest payment methods.

Whether it’s for eCommerce or just sending a friend some money in the form of digital payments, everyone wants to make sure that they are using the most secure online payments. This desire to use the safest payment methods has seen more people turn to eWallet services like PayPal and Skrill.

Digital payments services taking over cards

Credit and debit cards have been the status quo of payment methods for a long time now, even online, but as so much of our activity and input is tracked and saved for our ‘convenience’ by the major search engines and websites, people have become wary of submitting their bank details directly. Now, a lot of eCommerce offers ways of making digital payments through the use of eWallets and other services of this ilk. You can see it in online retail stores as well as gaming websites like with online gambling, where money will also be sent to players, with only the safest payment methods being adopted by new users.

As eWallet services cloak the user’s private information, such as bank details, and only share the fact that money has been sent and the user’s address if necessary, they are seen as the safest payment methods. As so many people are looking for the services which offer online payment methods which are known to be safe, some online casino operators have gone all-in to assure users that their website is completely safe and secure, as shown in the Dunder casino review, which highlights them taking up licences in multiple highly-regulated jurisdictions.

Mobile payments becoming increasingly important

The common assumption, when it comes to mobile payments, is that they are unlikely to be as safe and secure as payments made via a computer. It makes sense as mobiles aren’t known for being loaded with security protocols whereas computers insist that you have some form of anti-virus or defender software in place. However, the adoption of eWallets online has paved the way for mobile payments to stand among the safest payment methods available.

In the near future when 5G becomes widely available, the increased speeds are predicted to lead to even greater adoption of mobile transactions, with mobile eWallets being at the forefront of this revolution of payment methods. Due to their seamless smartphone integration, Asia and Europe have taken very quickly to eWallets as the go-to mobile payments method as they provide the safety and security that many perceive as lacking through mobile devices.

The rise of eWallets as online payment methods at eCommerce websites, online gambling websites, and for peer-to-peer transactions goes hand-in-hand with their ability to protect the user’s account.

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