How Risky Your Wireless Router For Your Houseplants?

Updated October 6, 2023

Plants add life to your home. They not only enhance the look of your home but also make it look elegant. However, at times one finds that despite caring adequately for the plants, they start withering off.

It might surprise you but the advent of technology might be responsible for the plants dying a slow death. One of the prime reasons for your plants dying away is the presence of Wi-Fi router in the home. Wi-Fi router emits radiations and these are primarily responsible for the plant dying away.

Wifi Routers Risky

The Dangers Associated with Wi-Fi Routers

Technology can be dangerous too and this becomes a reality in case of Wireless routers. These Wi-Fi routers might allow you to communicate among various electronic devices without the need of going into wires but can be a great source of concern when it comes to your health.

Wi-Fi routers emit a range of electromagnetic radiations and some of these are harmful for you as equally are they harmful for your plants. The biggest problem associated with having a Wi-Fi network zone in your home is that in many cases, the Wi-Fi router remains active for 24 hours.

This causes continuous emission of radiations and the plants in the surrounding of the Wi-Fi router suffer the most.  In its initial days, when the Wi-Fi technology was in the testing stage, it was a question of speculation that these caused damages to the plant life which was in its vicinity.

However, a range of experiments were conducted throughout the world and proved beyond doubt that best WiFi routers have a damaging effect on the plants. This is due to the fact that these release numerous radiations which cause damage to the plants.

The latest in the series was an experiment conducted by a group of girls in Denmark who proved it beyond doubt through their research that Wi-Fi routers do have a damaging effect on the plants. These affect human beings too and the results are for all of us to be seen, checked and necessary precautions to be adopted so as to minimize the effect of these Wi-Fi routers.

Irreparable damage to the plants

The presence of Wi-Fi router in your home causes irreparable damage to the delicate plants and they die away. Till recent times this was only a theoretical concept and speculations were ripe that electronic equipments particularly the Wi-Fi router might be damaging the plants. However, an experiment which some of the High School students in Denmark conducted proved beyond doubt that Wi-Fi Router was  indeed responsible for the plants dying a quick death.

Motivation for Conducting the Experiment

The motivation for conducting this experiment came from the fact that some ninth grade girls at Hjallerup School in North Jutland, Denmark were having problem sleeping after they kept their mobile phones by their bedside.

The girls decided to find the reason for the same and found out that their school was not able to help them arrive at a justifiable reason for the problem. This led the girls to experiment by themselves and work out the reason for the problem that confronted them.

The girls used garden cess seeds as an experimental medium. Six trays of garden cess seeds were used in the experiment. These were placed next to the Wi-Fi routers and these they emitted the radiation of similar frequency as were the mobile phones emitting.

To understand the effect of experiment, six trays of garden cess seeds were placed in a separate room. These were placed far away from the Wi-Fi routers so as to make a comparison between the two conditions. The experiment was conducted in controlled conditions and the girls ensured that room temperature, water and sunlight were let in the room in a controlled manner.

The Results

Experimental conditions were kept intact for a period of 12 days. The girls found out after 12 days that the garden cess seeds which had been placed in the routerless room had become green and lively.

In comparison, the garden cess seeds which were placed next to Wi-Fi routers had turned brown. They had shriveled and some of these had even matured. To maintain the accuracy of the experiment, the same was conducted twice. The girls were suitably rewarded for the research and the experiment will now be conducted in a professional environment.

Two scientists namely Olle Johanssen at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and Dr. Andrew Goldsworth  from Imperial College in London have expressed their interest in carrying forward the research.

This brings to fore the debate that Wi-Fi routers are indeed having a detrimental effect on the health of the plants and they are slowly dying away in places where Wi-Fi routers are in the vicinity.

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