4 Trends for Email Marketing Campaigns in 2021

Updated October 6, 2023

If you are using a mass email service, take advantage of these new trends to reach your consumers.

As 2021 continues to roll on and the global pandemic has shaken everything we know, marketing strategies change along with the world. If you are using a mass email service to distribute your email marketing campaigns, you should be staying on top of the yearly trends to know what your consumers are looking for in a company and their advertisements. The global pandemic has also pushed more people than ever to utilize social media and the internet as a whole, so a business must make its digital mark. Dive into these four 2021 email marketing trends to ensure that you and your business are not only sticking with the trends but increasing your knowledge of your audience.

4 Email Marketing Trends to Utilize With Your Mass Email Service

1. Automation

Email Marketing Trends

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Because we have so much technology at our fingertips, it makes it easier for companies to build automation on almost everything. It allows you and your team to focus on the things that matter most to you instead of worrying about the little details. Personalizing emails for each subscriber can become very labor intensive without a mass email service. With the help of a mass email service, you can set specific functions to customize your emails while still sending out hundreds of messages with the click of a button. You can also set up automated emails to be sent when particular actions are taken. Take a look at these examples of email automation that you could be using.

  • Happy birthday emails
  • Welcome email series
  • Emails based on web or search activity
  • Abandoned cart emails

2. Drip Campaigns

In traditional scenarios, email marketing strategies include a collection of emails that are not relevant to each other. Instead, you should set up drip campaigns that are all based on one scenario. For example, above we mentioned abandoned cart emails. An automated email could let the user know that they still have items in their cart, but it doesn’t have to stop at a single email. You can set a trigger that if the things are still in their cart in one week, you send the user another email.

Now, it’s important to remember that you don’t want to be bothering a user with your emails. Only send emails that you know are valuable to the consumer, or else they will quickly unsubscribe from your email list. A drip campaign should be behavior-based so that you are continually sending emails that are valuable to the consumer.

3. User-Generated Content

User-generated content is one of the simplest ways to convert people into customers and gain organic traffic. People are always more likely to trust a product or service when they see other people using it, so user-generated content is a great way to show off positive customer feedback. One of the other perks of user-generated content is that it is free!

You can encourage customers to take photos and videos of themselves using your products for the chance of a shoutout. You can even create a giveaway where one of the rules is to post with your product on social media for a chance to win a prize. Once you’ve gathered the user-generated content, you can incorporate it into your emails and even your social media pages.

4. Interactive

Interactive marketing is a huge trend this year, and it doesn’t stop at email marketing. It can be challenging to understand how to add interactive features into an email, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can add in polls or surveys to hear from your consumers, add carousels of images, or moving graphics. Make sure that you always include a clear call to action so that the user can click a button to shop, take a quiz, or whatever else you would like them to do.

Email marketing is not stopping anytime soon, but it is constantly evolving. To grow your business, you need to use digital marketing, and email is one of the most affordable options. Take advantage of a mass email service to send hundreds of emails with the click of a button, receive customizable templates, and in-depth analytics to understand your audience.

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