Reverse Engineering Tool For Spying-Decrypting Encrypted SSL Packets

Updated October 6, 2023

Ospy is a advance tool for decrypting and encrypting SSL packets for windows platforms. Using this software you can easily know about which data has been sent and received. It is also called “Sniffing Packets”. This technique is also used by hackers to hack in to system and gain access to sensitive activities. By using this software you can stop hackers from stealing your important information etc. Specially if you have no firewall, then you would not be able to know that which program is running and connected to the internet.

ospy-reverse engineering tool

Ospy is a packet sniffing tool which aids in reverse-engineering software. It is for windows platforms and snipping is done through API, which allows you to watch all activities running inside your computer. It actually watch encrypted and decrypting of SSL packets to secure surfing.

Another feature of Ospy is Softwalling. Which means to know how a malware works under firewalled condition.  It also allow you to set special rules for return address, type of function call etc. This software for advance users having knowledge of firewall, SSL packets and malwares.

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