The 5 Best Twitter Tools To Increase Your Followers in 2021

Updated October 6, 2023

Twitter has now become a top pick for many brands when it comes to the aspect of social media marketing, so now is not the time to underrate it. A platform known for its brevity, it can be challenging to boost followers and increase engagement on Twitter. Even though many people buy Twitter followers, growing your Twitter organically might be tricky but not impossible. This is where the given tools shine. Here is a list of the best Twitter tools that can help you magnetize all aspects of your Twitter account to increase your followers.


If you are looking for a tool that solely specializes in Twitter as a social media marketing platform, Tweepi is the one! If you want to save some time and effort, you can use Tweepi as their AI-optimized features to help you grow your following and increase engagement on Twitter. As per Tweepi claims and several testimonials, the platform can help accounts gain approximately 100 followers each day. This is also a useful tool to strategically plan your content calendar. There are various other tools on Tweepi that you can use to increase Twitter followers like Flush, Reciprocate, Follow Followers, Cleanup, Follow list, and so on. Being quite a handy tool, one of its distinctive features is its convenient and user-friendly interface. Moreover, the packages are fairly priced and quite affordable, making them suitable for small business owners and startup digital marketing agencies, and freelancers.

2. Owlead

This Twitter marketing tool promises to revolutionize your Twitter growth while saving you tonnes of time and tedious tasks. Even though it is highly beneficial to have a large following on Twitter, it’s even better to have a more targeted and engaged audience. If you want to get real followers effortlessly, Owlead can help you filter, categorize, and find real Twitter accounts as your target audience. It gives you the option to set a range of audience filters like language, gender, geographical location, and keywords. Without the need for client intervention, Owlead follows and unfollows users accordingly in the background. It also provides detailed analytics that can help you optimize your content to maximize followers and increase engagement on Twitter without the need to buy Twitter followers. This automated Twitter marketing is also suitable for those who are on a budget and is definitely worth a try.


With many robust features available in a single dashboard, Hootsuite is one of the most effective tools that you can use to increase Twitter followers. The tool consists of various guides revolving around topics like increasing engagement on Twitter using the platform. You can check out what your competition is doing differently and re-assess your plan to get followers. Hootsuite also lets you know what’s trending, where to use emojis, how to format links, and which hashtags can maximize visibility and get Twitter followers. Factors like the optimum timing to post, frequency of posting, etc. play a big role in attracting more followers, all taken care of by Hootsuite. Even if you have more than 1 Twitter account, you can easily manage everything using Hootsuite. This also makes it suitable for digital marketing agencies to manage multiple accounts at once.


If you haven’t heard about Buffer yet, it’s time that you familiarize yourself with this platform. Buffers provide services that are beyond the rudimentary functions promised by most basic tools. Gaining followers and increasing engagement on Twitter is a slow-moving task that requires a lot of trial-and-error methods. However, with the help of Buffer, this task becomes much simpler as it reveals strategies to tempt the target audience to engage and further increase followers. Instead of you reaching out to people, Buffer operates in a manner that the right audience comes to you. One of the top features provided by Buffer is the ability to schedule tweets that Buffer auto-posts. Being consistent with tweeting is one of the key practices to shoot up followers and increase engagement on Twitter. There are also various blogs posted on Buffer regularly that can help in increasing your following, without having to buy Twitter followers. 


Any Twitter marketing tool list would be incomplete without mentioning Twesocial. If you are looking to gain targeted followers, this tool is all you need to fully manage your accounts to increase engagement on Twitter. With robust customer support offered 24/7, you can use this tool to manage your followers and gain some real followers on Twitter. They have incorporated various tried and tested methods that ensure the longevity of results and client Twitter accounts. For instance, the use of smart hashtags to target users of a relevant niche. Users don’t necessarily need to be actively engaged in the process themselves as Twesocial management takes care of everything. All you need to do is establish contact with your manager, and have full control of your account. Even though it seems an attractive option to drop all efforts and buy Twitter followers, Twesocial helps in growing real followers and engagement by optimizing the profile organically.


We hope that this comprehensive and precise list helps you accelerate your follower’s growth and increase engagement on Twitter or you can even buy twitter followers from . Start making use of these tools to bring out your Twitter A-game! And don’t forget to check our space for more interesting content.

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