Django – Why Should You Consider Choosing It For Your Next Project?

Updated October 6, 2023

You’re planning a new IT project and you want to develop it in no time? Django just might be the perfect framework if you’re a perfectionist working under immense deadline pressure. What are its biggest advantages and should you use it in your projects?

What is Django?

Django is an open-source, Python-based web framework (not a language). What makes it special, is that it automates all possible processes during the web development process in order to improve programmers’ efficiency and shorten time-to-market. This framework was originally created to power a newspaper publisher’s web app. It is still often used by the media, online magazines and publishers as this is an industry that require specific tools which will be able to:

  • handle heavy traffic,
  • manage massive amount of text and graphics,
  • ensure great performance of a web app.

The publishing industry is not the only one that can benefit from Django though. Many popular companies using django choose to run some of their projects with only this framework. This framework can be used for many kinds of IT projects. It is especially good for developing powerful and complex websites and CMS systems. Django is a wonderful choice if your company’s final product has to be 100% secure and highly efficient.

What is it used for?

Django can additionally be used in complex projects as one of the frameworks used. It is quite common during big, difficult projects to use many frameworks for particular tasks and Django is often used in order to create some separate features instead of the whole application (for example to build a data analytics tool or an admin dashboard).

What can be done with Django alone? This framework would be a great choice if:

  • you need big website that is able to handle a lot of content and massive traffic (for publishing or financial industry, social networking),
  • you want your platform to have untypical features like tools for data analysis,
  • you require a customized CRM or CMS system,
  • You need a platform that will enable communication between two companies (partners) or your company and consumers,
  • you want an efficient e-commerce application or an app for online booking,
  • you’re planning to develop an Android or iOS mobile application for your company.

And what kind of specific features can you create with Django, instead of developing a whole solution for your business? This framework allows you to improve your marketing, customer service and communication. You can develop booking systems, mail systems that will enable you to send notifications to users or online marketplaces. Django is one of the frameworks that are recommended for e-commerce. Programmers can use it to build filtering systems and powerful tools for data analytics. It is often chosen as a tool for creating platform interfaces. If you need a good verification system, you should also consider using it – with Django a developer can build a photo-based verification system.

What are the most important benefits of using Django for a business project?

Nowadays the Django framework is used by many well-known companies such as Instagram, Spotify, Dropbox, Reddit and even Nasa. What makes it so popular among these huge companies? It is great for projects that have to handle large volumes of content and heavy traffic, but that’s not all.

Fast, simple and easy to use

You may wonder if any of this is actually important if you’re planning to outsource IT services anyway. The answer is: yes. Django uses Python, which is growing more popular every day. What does this mean? There are a lot of developers on the market that use this open-source framework. Software houses that use Django are competing against each other – that may result in better prices for developing your solutions. As working in Django simplifies daily work for developers, you can also expect satisfying time-to-market for your product. Some of the example django website can help you understand, how they load and look.


If you’re processing a large amount of sensitive data, security should be your highest priority. Django enables programmers to provide safe solutions with the best existing security systems. With Django, you don’t have to fear clickjacking, cross-site scripting or SQL injection.


It is good for any kind of project. You can use it to develop the whole product or just some features. Developers using Django can tackle tasks of any size from small websites to high-load, complex web and mobile apps.

Using the right tech stack will allow you to save money and time on development – choose wisely.