Nokia’s First Windows Phone Lumia 800

Updated October 6, 2023

Nokia has exposed Lumia 800 with authorization in London. This will be the first mobile in the history of the smart phones that use the Microsoft windows 7. This smart phone is unveiled by the Nokia in a conference held in London. While discussing the features of this new mobile the Nokia official said that it is similar to the MeeGo Nokia N 9 phones.  However, we are agreed with the Nokia officials and other reporters about this saying because Lumia 800 has a polycarbonate device. This device is installed in this phone with AMOLED screen of 3.7-inch. This screen is curved-glass so the mobile has a new genuine look.

nokia lumia 800

The More Advance Configurations

It is said that Lumia 800 will be the best smart phone because of best quotations. The processor of Lumia 800 is 1.4 GHz that is enough for the mobile web working and processing. The processor of this mobile is capable to tolerate the continuous processing. The mobile is equipped with hardware acceleration that enables the users to enjoy fast processing of web information and data. An additional processor is installed in this mobile for the better graphics. The image results of this mobile will be excellent so what do you think about it. 512 MB RAM is considered best for the smart phones even it is being used in most of the home and office computers because 512 MB RAM is a standard. High memory features are also considered a special part of modern mobiles. The Lumia 800 has an internal user memory of 16 GB. Carl-Zeiss and f2.2 aperture is also installed in this mobile by the Nokia that’s why it is being considered the king of mobiles.

Cameras Working Features and Mobile Casing Colors

The mobiles are upgraded by adding up more facilities. In each edition or model most of the features are changed by the company. Nokia has brought 8-megapixel high performance camera in Lumia 800. This camera is basically designed to give good outcomes and performance in low-light condition and environment. It means the working of the camera is outstanding and excellent in day and night times.

Lumia 800 Software

There are many additional software and programs that have been added by Nokia in this mobile. Nokia Drive is one of the best examples that allow the users to enjoy voice navigation.  Turn-by-turn voice routing or navigation is possible if you have Nokia Lumia 800. Among other programs the popular websites and social networks are included to increase the fun and entertainment.

Let’s Sstart to Enjoy Music

The Lumia 800 contains modern music options. The users can enjoy the Nokia Music and Nokia MixRadio that are being offered by Nokia in Lumia 800. The mobile will be offered in different color ranges that are cyan, black and magenta. The color range will increase the look and view of this mobile amazing and eye-catching. However, it will be the first mobile in the mobile markets that will use the Microsoft Windows 7.

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    I really love the nokia 800 music. And it also provides modern music options.

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