The Kryptonite 0f Mobile Broadband Connection

Updated October 6, 2023

Everything has its weakness. Even the top products in the market have their specific downsides. However, there are instances when manufacturers should not be blamed on these downsides. They didn’t commit any mistake in making the product or in providing service but it’s due to the general circumstances involving the product.

Mobile broadband, for instance, has its specific downside that’s not actually caused by its manufacturer. This can be considered as the kryptonite of an advanced service needed by consumers today.

Mobile broadband’s kryptonite

Many individuals today need mobile broadband connection to be able to connect outdoors through network signals. Network connection works together with the signal provided by signal transmitted from the service provider’s tower. Hence, low signal would mean slow network connection.

Considering the signal range, rooms or establishments that are too enclosed are regarded as the kryptonite of mobile broadband connections. They are too enclosed that network signals can’t penetrate. Hence, it’s impossible for people to access the internet and even use their mobile phones for calling in these areas.

There are several areas considered as kryptonite of mobile broadband signals like the following:

  • Large buildings like factories and even hospitals
  • Elevators
  • Underground areas like train stations
  • Crowded urban areas due to buildings established close to each other
  • Areas out of coverage

Signal interference causes

Interference is the main cause why signals can’t penetrate to these areas. Their low or lack of signal is due to the following causes.

  • Building construction. Too enclosed construction prevents network signals from penetrating in the premises. Look at elevators. They’re too enclosed so it’s enough for people to think that signals will be unavailable inside it.

Underground train stations are also too enclosed and they can be very crowded. Hence, preventing usable signals from being accessed using the device.

  • Interference caused by other towers. Interference, aside from construction, is brought by other towers within a certain location. These towers may be releasing signals that affect your mobile broadband devices from receiving network signals provided by your service provider.
  • Construction materials. Even construction materials can also affect the flow of network signals mobile devices can access or use. This is why some enclosed buildings may still have good signal range while others with relatively large, open space may still have low coverage.
  • Lack of network towers. One of the common causes of low mobile broadband signals is the lack of enough network towers to meet people’s needs. In some parts of the country and the world, some areas don’t have network towers yet so signals are also unavailable. Or if they do have network signals, they are not enough to meet people’s needs. These signals may be used for mobile phone messaging but not enough to supply 3G network.

The future of mobile broadband kryptonite

Changes continue to occur in different parts of the world. Hence, it’s possible that this mobile broadband weakness can still be fixed. In fact, several studies were conducted on how it’s going to be possible for people to access their emails and use their mobile phones on these areas.

For example, London is now looking forward to making mobile coverage available on their underground train stations or railways. Once accomplished, this can be considered as a breakthrough in using mobile broadband network connections even on these areas. This only means that people can now use their phones and access their emails while in this area.

Overall, mobile broadband also has its weakness particularly because of its network coverage. Although considered as their kryptonite, it will just take some time to come up with ideal solutions so network carriers can provide better services to people.

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