Latest Technical Innovations That Are Changing Sport For The Better

Updated October 6, 2023

Technology has changed every aspect of our lives over the past couple of decades. Even the way you are reading this article right now is something you take for granted, yet it would have seemed incredible a generation ago. Whether we’re watching a movie, having a business meeting or driving to the supermarket, the influence of technology has made the experience different and, for the most part, better than it was for our parents when they were the age we are now.  

It should come as no big shock, therefore, to consider that sport has been influenced by technology, just like every other facet of life. Let’s take a look at some examples and see just how big the changes really are.  

Eliminating mistakes

From instant replay in the NFL to VAR in the Premier League, using technology to correct human errors by officials can be a controversial topic. In cricket, it has even been suggested that it undermines the basic tenet that the umpire’s decision is final. But when technology brings super slo-mo replays for spectators, either at home or at the game on the big screen, it is ludicrous to deny that facility to the on-field decision-makers and expect them to get it right every time in a fraction of a second with the naked eye. It ultimately means a fair game for all. 

Better betting

The above point is extra important if you have a little money resting on the outcome. Sports betting used to be a specialist pastime with its own language, conducted in mysterious booths or at betting shops. Now, online platforms mean any fan can put a wager on the outcome of a game as a fun way to get personally involved in the action. It’s not just about horse racing and football, either. Even in places like India, where cricket is the top ranked sport, there are sports betting sites that meet local needs. Click here to visit one such website and take a look around for yourself.  

More choice

Online streaming is just one area of technology that has brought a whole list of advantages with it, but the most profound one is choice. At this time of year, for example, it used to be the case that soccer fans in Europe would fall into a depression with no games to see till the new season in September. Now, they can enjoy coverage of MLS in the US or the South American leagues. Likewise for golf or tennis fans, there’s always a tournament about to get underway somewhere in the world. 

Better information

Remember the days when the only ways of getting the latest news about your team was to read the paper or hope for a report on TV? Today’s app-based world means we have all the latest information 24/7. It’s not just through the big-name sports apps like ESPN, either. Most teams have their own apps that will feed you a constant diet of interviews, behind-the-scenes insights, highlights, previews and lots more.  

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