Koaky Helps Grow your Social Network- Alternative of Twiends

Updated October 6, 2023

Another social media promotion website is finally here to help you grow your social network. You may have heard about twiends and twimates which helps in getting free facebook likes, increasing twitter followers and youtube views.


Koaky is similar website that helps in increasing facebook likes, twitter followers, youtube views and google plus followers. You need to earn points by liking others facebook fan pages, following others on twitter, viewing youtube others and in return you can redeem that for exposure of your social network. Thus every like, view and follower to your page is real and you actually get benefits from the points.

As you know there are softwares available in the market which claim bulk likes on facebook fan pages or twitter following. However they are not real, but bots added to your account. Thus they are not helpful in term of social media promotion.

Koaky ensure mutual liking, following so that every user of the service get real peoples and promote there pages. It is completely free to join and you can build as many likes or followers for your pages as you have points in your account.

Note:- Koaky is free and it does not sell points, thus every user gets equal opportunity to get benefit from koaky.

Visit:- http://www.koaky.com/

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